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Gelande II D110 Review

As off-road RC trail truck driving increases in popularity, the demand for vehicle body styles increases and RC4WD has been offering up lots of scale goodness. It seems just a short while back when we reviewed the RC4WD Trail Finder II and the Gelande II Cruiser and now we’ve got our trail truck hoarding hands on one of their newest releases, the Gelande II D110.

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ProTek Carrier Bags

When it comes to nifty support gear for the RC market, I’m on the scene to see what the new product is all about. ProTek RC has been expanding its accessory line and it now includes a series of cool bags for carrying your precious RC cargo, so needless to say I’m all over checking out these new items.

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Early 50s Chevy Panel Truck Clear Body from Pro-Line

This is the Pro-Line Early 50’s Chevy Panel Truck Body for Solid Axle Monster Truck. Pro-Line is bringing back the Early 50’s Chevy Panel Truck Body for all our Solid Axle Monster Truck Fans! Originally released by Pro-Line in 2001 …

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Axtion Brands is here! Sweet Sunglasses and More!

There is a new accessory brand in the radio control market and it’s not for your car, truck, drone or even boat; it’s for YOU! Axtion Brands has been launched by RC Driver magazine Editor-in-Chief Greg Vogel and the first …

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Review TEAM LOSI RACING 22T 2 0-7

Team Losi Racing 22T 2.0 Review

There are few RC racing classes as unique as Stadium Truck racing. Stadium trucks feature more ground clearance and wider stances than their Buggy brethren, yet they also feature a shorter wheelbase than and open wheel configuration when compared to short course trucks. Team Losi Racing introduced the concept of a purpose-built, racing-orientated stadium truck

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How To Install Your Servos Properly

Few vehicles put more stress, wear and tear on a servo than an 1/8-scale buggy, truggy or monster truck. First of all, they’re larger and heavier than just about any other car or truck (1/5-scale not included), second, they’re run in some of the worst conditions imaginable and third, they have to withstand the occasional cartwheel off of a big jump.

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BSR Racing Bz-444 Pro Review

4WD ELECTRIC BUGGY Words: Steve Trebing Photos: Edwin Rodriguez This article was originally published in RC Driver’s August 2016 issue. The electric four-wheel drive buggy continues to be a prominent class to run among the racing crowd. At the local tracks, …

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The Great Fall Rebate on over 40 O.S. and Futaba items

The Great FALL Rebate has arrived! With over 40 O.S. and Futaba items to choose from, now’s the time to buy the O.S. Engine or Futaba Radio system you’ve always wanted. Purchase an eligible item featured below between now and …

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Ask Tony

Ask Tony: Hey! I have your answer

You Got Questions? Tony has your answer! This month: MID-MOTOR PRO-2, GRIPPY SC10, BIGGER BEC

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T8X 1/8 Brushless Buggy Review

Team Energy is quickly gaining traction among the Exceed RC line of vehicles available at Nitro RCX.The new T8X electric 1/8 buggy is no exception to that rule and offers up a hefty dose of beauty and brute force in a single, economically priced package. Building off of the wildly popular G8X nitro buggy

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Enhance your paint job

Last month I went all the way back to the beginning and demonstrated a basic spray can paint job. This month I’m going to mix things up and bring the airbrush back out to do something for the more advanced painters out there. I know many of you probably feel Parma’s precut paint masks are for beginners and you’d rather create your own graphics.

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6 things you probably didn’t know about 6 companies you know

Let me ask you a question – when you think RC, what companies come to mind? Team Associated? HPI? Traxxas? I bet you can name a handful of cars that those companies make. If you're a real RC nut, you might even be able name some of their 'vintage' offerings or where the companies are located. However, there's actually a lot of cool trivia out there about these companies. After some serious digging, I came up with 6 things you probably didn't know about 6 companies you know. Let's get started.

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Pink Accessories Now Available from Traxxas

A new lineup of Traxxas Pink Accessories is available now. Complete the pink look with new caster blocks, steering blocks, bumpers, skid plates, springs, and more for vehicles like the Bandit, Slash, Rustler and Stampede. Click here for more info …

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X4 AC Pro AC/DC Four Port Multicharger from Hitec

Building on the popularity of the X4 AC Plus, Hitec decided to take it up a notch with the introduction of the X4 AC Pro high-performance, microprocessor-controlled charger/discharger with extensive battery management capabilities. Capable of operating on 100 – 240 volts AC …

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Prep your gear for a long run

One of the great things about 1/8-scale cars and trucks is the extended run times that you get. Whether you’re running a nitro or electric vehicle you’ll typically get more trigger time than with smaller 1/10-scale cars and trucks. That extra runtime means extra abuse on your gear, and if you want to avoid the “walk of shame” after a wheel goes bouncing away

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