Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Traxxas 4-TEc2

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Reedy Pro LiPo/LiFe RX/TX Batteries


Reedy Pro LiPo/LiFe RX/TX Batteries Reedy’s Pro LiPo and LiFe RX/TX batteries feature high capacities and durable construction, which make them perfectly suited for use as receiver batteries in nitro-powered vehicles. They are also a long-life alternative to NiMH and …

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When to use a Castle Creations BEC

What is a BEC? That’s a question I’ve heard quite a few times over the years. Before the BEC (we’ll get to what it is in a second), drivers used to install small, four-cell battery packs on their cars to power the electronics. Why? Well, back in the day, we’d need to use as much of the power in the NiCd and NiMh battery packs as possible to run the cars in a simple four-minute race.

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