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Q32 D8T Tessmann Edition And Baja Buggy

While the Q32 Baja Buggy has been out for a while, the new Q32 D8T Tessman Edition Truggy looks to increase the performance factor with bigger wheels and a wider stance. These micro machines can be used in any room bigger than a closet, so you never have to be without your RC fun again.

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Dromida 4.18 BLSeries

Dromida has followed a rather natural line of progression in how they have handled their 4.18 series of off road vehicles. First came a set of five cool vehicles that all came with brushed power plants, were plenty of fun and priced right.

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Sworkz S104 Evo Pro Buggy

Speed and strength in the perfect combination is the Holy Grail when it comes to these modern day 4WD 1/10 racing buggy rockets. Usually he who lasts the longest in the main wins. All current buggies out there are looking for the ultimate handling, the ultimate durability and the most user friendly servicing. Sworkz

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