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Please Loiter


My father-in-law used to spend his Friday and Saturday evenings just hanging out at the local hardware store with his friends. They would spend hours just talking shop or sports or whatever other topics would arise. This is a lost luxury these days. We are always in a rush to do this, go there, get that done. One hobby shop in Pasadena, Maryland has unknowingly started to bring back the lost art of face-to-face conversation.

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High Tech Trail Adventure Project


At RC Driver we get to drive a lot of cool vehicles for testing, but there have been times recently where we’ve been jealous of the editors over in our sister magazine’s offices on what they are testing. Lately they’ve been raving over some FPV racing drones coming into the office. We see them testing out new goggles at their desks and flying the racing drones in our parking lot. That of course got our minds working on how we could use FPV in RC cars.

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BZ-444 RTR Review


I have had my eye on this Basher brand since Hobby King started distributing them. The name is so straight to the point, it’s almost like naming your brand “Racer”. That got my interest. So with a name like Basher, their target market is obvious, and their line up of 1/8-scale nitro RCs and Nitro Circus sponsored monster trucks fit the bill. Then comes the BSR Racing subdivision of the Basher family.

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Beast II 6×6 RTR from RC4wd


Are you ready for the end of days? The opportunities are limitless with the Beast II truck kit. Sunday driver to world domination. Its up to the imagination to complete your Beast II. The Beast II has unmatched scale detail, …

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Nero Arrma BLX Review


For a few months now, Hobbico has been teasing the RC masses with sneak peek videos of their new release. Vague, super sci-fi looking videos tantalized fans, but cut to the end before any real info was revealed. Well, the news is out and the Nero is about to hit the streets. We, at RC Driver, heard about the truck quite a while ago, but were not made privy to exactly what the details would be.

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