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Set up Your RC Car or Truck for FPV Driving

Set up Your RC Car or Truck for FPV Driving -3

What used to be an out of reach, industry rarity in years past, FPV (First- Person View) systems have found their way into countless RC vehicles over the past few months. Sure, there is mini quad rotor racing with goggles strapped on or planes giving fixed wing “rides” to anyone who wants to catch a glimpse of the view from the cockpit, but what about the car guys?

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Lipo Or Nimh – Help Me Decide


I am fairly new to the RC world and I’m interested in using LiPo batteries. Problem is I don’t know what makes them so much better than NiMh?

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RC Racing Tools from O.S. Engines

RC Racing Tools from O

O.S. Engines is best known for their nitro power plants for all sorts of RC vehicles. From planes to helis and especially cars and trucks, the engine manufacturer is well-known for the reliability and power of the mills they produce.

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It’s Almost Time For The Pro-Line Shootout – August 26 – 28


One of the best events of the year, the Pro-Line Shootout, will be here before you know it so read on to find out all the details. This spec tire event is held at the Thornhill Racing Circuit located at 1575 Co …

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RC Car and Truck Accessories Reviewed


RC Driver Reviews 3 awesome products: Pit Lamp, Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Astle Sidewinder Esc Cage

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TEN-SCTE 3.0 Kit from Team Losi Racing

Team Losi Racing - TEN-SCTE 3.0 Kit_3

The TEN-SCTE 3.0 kit refines the championship-winning truck with updated suspension geometry, center driveline adjustability and included option parts.  It now uses 22 platform shocks, center driveline dog-bones to reduce friction, carbon fiber shock towers, hard anodized suspension balls, lightweight …

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ST Racing Concepts CNC Machined Option Parts for Arrma Granite/Raider/Vorteks and Fury

Team STRC - CNC Machined Suspension Components for the Arrma Granite, Raider, Vorteks, and Fury (2) copy

Built on a solid platform with great looks and at an awesome price point, the Arrma line of Granite, Raider, Vorteks and Fury bash vehicles have become favorites among many hobbyist over the years.  Following our first phase release of …

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Pink Anodized Aluminum Option Parts from Traxxas

Traxxas - Pink Anodized Aluminum Option Parts_1 copy

To go along with the many new Pink Editions of vehicles that Traxxas now offers are some cool new option parts.  Made with the same quality you would expect from Traxxas, these parts, including pink anodized serrated wheel nits, shock …

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Speed B2101 Las Vegas Edition from O.S. Engines

O.S. Engines - Speed B2101 Las Vegas Edition

It’s O.S.’s 80th anniversary and we’re honoring our IFMAR Worlds-winning heritage with the Speed B2101 Las Vegas Edition. This unique version of 1/8 scale racing’s most iconic power plant sports five stars and stripes on its cylinder head—each one representing …

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Tamiya Turbo City: RC Old School Tuner Import


Reminiscent of vehicles from the golden age of RC, the new Tamiya Turbo City Honda evokes memories of early models from the manufacturer. Complete with a hard shell body and helmeted driver figure, this wheelie popping street ride is all about fun and just looking at it will bring on the smiles and laughs.

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Gas Or Nitro


Hi Tony. I’m looking to buy a 4WD RC truck. A co-worker of mine has an HPI Savage 4.6 XL that is all tuned up and we are planning to gather some friends and build a track to have fun. Which is faster as a stock model; gas or nitro?

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Popular Pulse


Hi Tony. Love the magazine! I have a question about the HPI Pulse 4.6 Nitro Buggy. How good is it? Is it a popular buggy? Thanks, and keep up the good work.

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Axial Racing SMT10 Grave Digger Monster Jam Truck

Axial SMT10

Axial has been unleashing new machines left and right and for Axial enthusiasts, we’ve been graced with new chassis designs rather than the slap a body on that ol’ frame routine.  The latest machine to go viral in the social …

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RC Truck Review: Traxxas Slash with On Board Audio

RC Truck Review- Traxxas Slash with On Board Audio-59

The Slash has seen quite a few years of service, with Traxxas introducing something new with each release. It’s progressed from a pretty basic 2WD Short Course truck to something with 4WD, a Low-CG chassis, waterproof electronics, stickier tires and even a rockin’ sound system.

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Upgrade Your RC to Brushless Power on a Budget

Upgrade Your RC to Brushless Power on a Budget-1

Brushed motors are great to get you in the door for cheap, and if you’ve never driven a hobby grade RC before then they have more than enough speed and power for the first time driver, but once you get the hang of driving, you’re going to want more power.

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