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Get A Grip On The Road – Dynamite Speedtreads Robber SC Tires

So you’re trying to do some “backyard bashing,” but your backyard is really your pavement driveway and it makes quick work of the off-road tires that came with your short course truck. No need to be ashamed of your backyard, some of the coolest backyard bashing takes place right on the blacktop, so instead of cursing the tar for ripping up your new pins, why not fight back and get some tires that will get along with the terrain that you have? Dynamite makes a complete line of tires, both pre-mounted and loose, that fit a variety of SC trucks and can get your ride ready to terrorize whatever turf you find yourself on. Got pavement? The Dynamite Speedtreads Robber SC tires are for you.

Dynamite Speedtreads Robber SC

THE GOODS: Dynamite Speedtreads Robber SC

Pavement is a high traction surface that allows for amazing acceleration, high top speeds, and barrels and barrels of traction roll. Sticky off-road pins and aggressive treads will end up destroyed pretty quickly and leave you with blowouts and sudden loss of control. The Speedtread Robbers are made specifically for the pavement and will give tarmac bashers and racers longer tire life and excellent traction to take advantage of the blacktop. Premounted on attractive red and chrome six spoke wheels, the Robbers are filled with low rebound foam inserts and feature white lettering on the side for style and quick tire identification. The 12mm hex wheel adaptors fit most short course trucks and are ready to roll as quick as you can bolt them on, so you no longer have an excuse to ruin your off-road tires on the pavement.


Dynamite Speedtreads Robber SCThe white lettering, along with the red and chrome wheels make the Speedtreads Robber an attractive option for short course trucks, and they offer excellent traction on pavement and hard packed surfaces. The tires also show very little wear after a hard day’s driving. The low rebound foam is perfect for the pavement, offering just enough softness to keep tire bounce to a minimum, but firm enough that they don’t wash out under hard cornering. With a 7.5T in my Traxxas Slash, the Robbers do exhibit some noticeable expansion near top speed, which led to some pretty hairy and unpredictable handling at high velocities. The handy application chart claims that they are good for carpet as well, so I took a quick trip to my local top secret indoor testing facility to test that claim as well. Typically, the carpet at the indoor track offers so much traction that carpet pins will make SCs immediately tipsy in the corners, and it becomes a fight to keep the truck from resembling a defective weeble-wobble. My LCG Slash was suddenly very loose, but would push into the corners and then give instant oversteer as soon as the throttle was touched. It felt more like I was drifting than racing. It was not long before I was wishing that I had brought my carpet pins with me too. The Robbers will be my parking lot tire of choice, but I won’t bring them to the turf again anytime soon.


Who makes it: Dynamite
Part: Speedtreads Robber SC
Part Number:
MTD SpeedTreads Robber SC: SLHR,4X4F/R, ECX (2)- DYN5123
MTD SpeedTreads Robber SC: TRA SL F(2)- DYN5122
Price: $19.99
Link To Buy:

-The low rebound foam inserts are well suited to the pavement and are preinstalled in the tire.
-White sidewall lettering makes tire recognition quick and easy, and also adds a touch of style.
-The reusable packaging is great for keeping your tires together for storage and for organization.
-Tires come with an application chart that is only 50% right. Awesome on pavement. Not so awesome on carpet.
-12mm hex adaptors fit most short course trucks and a variety of other models in case you’re feeling saucy.


Pavement is a great place to run your SC, but there’s no sense in ruining your off-road tires or running tires that aren’t the proper size for your truck. The Dynamite Speedtreads Robber SC Tires are an inexpensive and easy upgrade for the pavement pounders out there. The vivid white lettering is both functional and flashy, the wheels are tasteful and solid. With moderate water channeling, the Robbers even have more grip than your slicks on damp pavement, and are a perfectly solid all-around tire for asphalt and concrete. Available in both loose with foam and pre-mounted with wheels, the Robbers are sure to be the best bang for your buck in road tires for your SC. And since they say “Robber” big and bold in white, right on the side of the tire, it just seems right when you drive it like you stole it.

Words: Marc Aubin

Dynamite Speedtreads Robber SC Dynamite Speedtreads Robber SC


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