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Pro-Line Pro-Fusion SC 4×4 Bag A Build – RCD Today Blog 1-9-19

Pro-Line has built up a following for their Pro-MT 4×4 and it looks like their recently released Pro-Fusion SC 4×4 is following the same path. We were pretty impressed with the MT and got our hands on the new SC to check out as well. The SC shares a lot of the same parts with the MT, however the MT comes as an electronics ready roller and the short course truck is a full build up kit. So we’re going to document the kit build right here on RCDriver.com. First up in the build is Bag A, this contains the differentials. We’ll also get into the chassis parts bag. Let’s do this!

Product Pro-Fusion SC 4×4
Part Number: 4006-00
Price: $399.99
Link To Buy: http://bit.ly/2H3WrYw Use Code RCDRIVER10 to save 10% on your entire Pro-Line order at checkout.

First up is building the differentials. We’ve laid out the parts that make up the diffs and the parts quality looks impressive. All metal internals, heavy duty out-drives, o-ring seals and metal ring gears for the front and rear diffs. The center diff uses a plastic spur. PL includes a thick oil for the center diff and grease for the front and rear diff. You can use oils in the diffs instead of grease.

Here are the three differentials assembled. We decided to pass on the grease in the diffs and used differential oil instead. This will be for a SC basher build, so we kept the 500,000 oil in the center and went with 30,000 in the front and 10,000 in the rear. This will be our starting point for future tuning.

With the diffs complete, they are set asside in order to complete some chassis work. The chassis is a nicely machined and stamped aluminum plate. A steel center spine is bolted to the chassis before the composite center diff mount and rear chassis brace. Metric hardware is used throughout the kit. Foam pads are provided for the battery tray area.

Now we get to install a diff and a few additional parts to round out Bag A. The center diff drops in the center and secured with a cap and four screws. The Steering posts go in next. Make certain you use thread locking compound on the steering post screws. The screws can back out if not properly secured.

BAG A Finished

So far everything fit together nice and easy. No hand fitting was required. We’re excited to check out Bag B!


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