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10 Cool Things You Probably Didn’t Know Tamiya Made

Tamiya XB

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Ask any person off the street if they ever heard the name Tamiya and you’ll be surprised that many will say, yes they’ve heard the name in some way. Most will say they know someone who had an RC car called a Tamiya Frog, or Tamiya Grasshopper. Tamiya is just a name that will be known forever for being a hobby company that touched someone’s life. There are just so many amazing hobby items that the company offers, even beyond radio control. Up until now we’ve focused a lot of our Tamiya Stories on radio control cars and parts, but we wanted to go in a different route for this story. We wanted to show off some cool things from Tamiya that you may have not known about or stumbled upon before. In this article we’ll show you some RC stuff as well as some other stuff that Tamiya offers that isn’t exactly RC related, but interesting to us tech and toy fanactics. Enjoy our 10 Cool Things You Probably Didn’t Know Tamiya Made article and afterward, take a look at Tamiya’s website to find things you find interesting. Make sure to post your finds in the comment section below.

Overheating of the electronic speed controller (ESC) in R/C models eventually leads to the deployment of the heat protection function, which stops the model immediately. Attaching this cooling fan unit to your ESC will help to slow the overheating process and ensure not only longer running times but also allow a wider range of setting options that would otherwise be unavailable. As a thin unit, it takes up little space in the chassis of the model.

Dimensions: 25 x 25 x 7mm
Features an ergonomic hood-shape mount for attachment to the ESC.
The fan”s power cable can be inserted into an open port in the receiver.
Attachment mount is compatible with TBLE-02S, TEU-104BK, TEU-105BK and TEU-106BK ESC units from Tamiya.
PART: 45063

This handy tool is perfect for modifying plastic models or Mini 4WD machines, as well as woodcraft. Its blades are slightly thicker than Item 74018 Mini Razor Saw and therefore less prone to distortion or warping. The item includes 2 blades of different width, and features fine teeth which enable it to cut through a variety of materials while leaving a smooth finish. The 2 blades can be inserted into the included plastic grip, which features the Tamiya logo.

Includes wide carbon steel blade x1 and slim carbon steel blade x1
Both blades are of .35mm thickness.
Wide blade length: 46mm
Slim blade length: 43mm
PART: 74111

When assembling your dampers, this air remover offers you a faster way of drawing out the bubbles to help save you time. This item can be used for machines such as 1/8 Nitro that use long dampers.
Air remover X 1pc.
Pump x 1pc.
Sticker x 1pc.
Instruction manual x 1pc.
PART: 54152


Do you have to strain your eyes when you are working on that fine detailing? Do you always have a messy work area and need more space to work with? Do you want a compact workbench that can be easily carried anywhere you go? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Tamiya has the perfect product for you, the Tamiya Work Stand W/Magnifying Lens! Featuring a large acrylic magnifying lens with 2X magnification, you will be seeing all that small detailing so much clearer, making it easy to work long hours on your favorite model. To make sure you always have perfect lighting in the place where you need it most, 6 white LED lamps are installed just behind the magnifying lens. Powered by 4 D batteries you will have more than 150 hours of perfect white light.

The lens and light are mounted on a handy adjustable arm which is connected to the work base, a work space specially designed for Tamiya modelers. Some of the handy functions featured include a frame on the base designed to perfectly fit Tamiya”s A4 size Cutting Mat, 5 clip holders on both left and right sides, a decal tray to be filled with water and used when applying decals, a back board to prevent parts from flying off when cutting away from sprues, 4 bottle holders that are specially designed to fit Tamiya cement, acrylic paint and enamel paint bottles, 3 paint brush holders and a handy carry grip for easy mobility.
Although specially designed for Tamiya modelers, this handy work place is perfect for any type of fine work requiring good light and clear vision. From all types of arts and crafts such as carving, painting, embroidery and beading to handy everyday uses, the possibilities are truly limitless. Although you may power your workstation with 4 D batteries for up to 150 hours, you may want to plug it into to AC power.

Large magnifying lens (15x10cm) to make working on small parts easy.
Two adjustable arms to move lens to best position.
6 white LED lights for extra lighting.
LED lights require batteries or adaptor (sold separately).
Bottle holder specially designed to fit Tamiya cement, acrylic paint and
enamel paint bottles.
Brush and clip holders.
Handy carry grip for easy mobility.
Overall dimensions of base: 43x36x7cm
PART: 74064

Are you tired of small parts such as screws, spacers and so on rolling around your pit table and going missing? This aluminum tray eliminates such problems, keeping your table neat and tidy.

Aluminum Parts Tray x1
Tray dimensions: 110mm x 140mm
Features deep indentations to ensure that parts do not fly out of the tray.
A handy scale is marked on the tray. Inserting your screw head in the indentation allows simple measurement of screw length.
Finished in a stylish blue and decorated with the TRF team logo.
PART: 42292


Part: Various

ARM CRAWLER – 2-Channel Remote Control

The Arm Crawler with 2-channel remote pairs the stand-alone assembly kit with a double gearbox and 2-channel remote control set for controllable crawling fun! Four crawler tracks (including two on independently moving arms) give the Arm Crawler superb mobility and enable it to clear obstacles up to 45mm in height.

This unique kit is fitted with four rotating tracks: one on each side of its body, plus one on each of its two arms. The arms themselves can also rotate gripping onto slopes or raised surfaces, and in doing so pulls the model along allowing it to negotiate climbs and drops of up to 45mm.

• This is an assembly kit.
• Left and right “arms” remain horizontal on flat surfaces, but rotate when the model comes to undulations or obstacles, using their tracks to grip and pull the model over.
• The intuitive 2-channel remote control box (requires assembly) from Item 70104 is included, and allows forward/reverse movement plus different turning circles, powered by two Type 130 motors in the twin motor gearbox.
• Body parts are molded in yellow, inspired by real life working vehicles. The clear gearbox shows off its internal mechanics.
• The model moves at approximately 1 meter per 9 seconds.
• Motor and remote controller require connection, with the model completed by snapping and screwing together parts and doing some simple wiring.
• Requires two AA and C batteries (sold separately).
PART: 70228


This kit takes the classic 1/25 scale Centurion Mk.III model from 1973 and turns it into an all-action R/C model! Furthermore, the version sold in the U.S. features parts to render the turret controllable.
The Centurion was developed by the British toward the end of WWII, and received a number of upgrades during its post-war service as the main British tank. The Mk. III featured a powerful 20-pounder main gun, and gained recognition for its service in the Korean War. With around 2,800 examples rolling off of the production line between 1948 and 1956, it was the most produced tank of the Centurion series.

• 1/25 scale R/C model assembly kit. Length: 385mm.

• Dedicated R/C unit: TTU-10 transmitter and MC-07 receiver/motor control unit. Both have built-in antenna.

• The model is powered by an assembly type twin motor gearbox and Type 130 motors.

• Control forward and rear motion, and a range of turns using the transmitter control sticks.

• U.S. spec kit features additional gearbox parts and Type 130 motor to control turret rotation. Note: Turret rotation is achieved by meshing Velcro tape on the inside of the turret ring and the gearbox output shaft, in a unique setup.

• Durable link-type tracks come pre-assembled.

• Comes with new decals for 3 marking options:

• Marking 1: A Company, 8th Kings Royal Irish Hussars, 29th Infantry Brigade, Korea, 1951

• Marking 2: C Company, 5th Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards, Commonwealth Division, Korea, 1952

• Marking 3: C Company, 1st Royal Tank Regiment, Commonwealth Division, Korean Peninsula, 1953

• Requires separately sold alkaline batteries for transmitter (AAA) and MC-07 (AA)
Part: 56604


This is the Mini 4WD Oval Home Circuit with Lane Change featuring colorful track sections.

Colorful connectible straight, curved, and lane change sections.
Lane change section comes with a transparent cover to prevent cars flying off the track.
Cars not included.
Lane Width: 4.52″ (115mm)
Wall Height: 1.96″ (50mm)
Course Size: 85.03″ x 47.24″ (2160mm x1200mm)
Two straight sections
Eight curved sections
One bridge cover
One over bridge section
Two bridge approach sections
PART: 69569


The information about this product was minimal on the Tamiya website, but we know what it is. It’s one of the most used products in RC, an electric driver. Many builders are turning from hand tools to electric drivers to help assemble and maintain their cars. This unit from Tamiya has an adjustble clutch, can screw in and unscrew hardware and it’s Li-Ion powered. It also appears to come with some 1/4-inch drive speed bits. The price was pretty hight for this item, but it will be worth it to the true Tamiya fan.

PART: 74089


Tamiya XB

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