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6 RC Cars Under $150 – Perfect For Any Vacation Trip

It’s the summer months and many people and families are ready for some vacation fun at a destination other than home. There could be some beach time in their future, a camping trip or perhaps even a cruise. But a trip to a remote location means you’d have to leave your RC hobby at home right? You would have to stop that RC fun you typically have to go relax right? Not necessarily. We’ve come up with six RC car’s that are small and manageable to take on a trip to get maximum fun while not taking up too much space in your luggage. These cars might be great for ripping around in a hotel room or on the path on the way to the beach or near your campground. Take a look at these suggestions and perhaps one will be your perfect vacation RC car.

RC Vacation Trip

1. Team Associated 1/28 SC28 Lucas Oil RTR

This compact completely ready to run RC truck was a huge hit over the holidays and there’s no reason it can’t be a huge it on vacation. The set comes with the assembled truck with painted body and electronics installed, radio and even the batteries are included. The body is painted to look like Carl Renezeder’s Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series truck and under the hood, you’ll find a basic chassis and suspension design that is durable and will dish out a lot of fun. This truck is great for running indoors or on flat ground outside. Use pieces of cardboard for jumps or launch this machine off of small bumps or other small obstacles for maximum action! The truck charges off the radio, so no need to bring a separate charger.

RC Vacation Trip

Product: 1/28 SC28 Lucas Oil RTR
By: Team Associated
Part Number: 20150
Price: $49.99
Link To Buy: http://amzn.to/2sOvbWh


2. HPI Q32 Baja Buggy

It’s no secret that HPI is back and that means their fun little Q32 Baja Buggy is available. The Q32 comes completely ready to run which means it’s assembled, painted and batteries are included. This is another simple design RC machine, but it’s simple make-up does not mean that the fun will be limited. The tiny Q32 racer is the perfect indoor machine to drive in tight areas such as a hotel room. Jump the small buggy off a stack of magazines or slalom around chair legs, the speed of this small buggy in these settings is sure to hone your driving skills while you’re on your vaca break. This vehicle charges off the radio so toting it around is even easier!

RC Vacation Trip

Product: Q32 Baja Buggy
By: HPI Racing
Part Number: 20150
Price: $49.99
Link To Buy: http://amzn.to/2sP2c4H

3. Letrax Teton

Want to step up your RC game a bit more? Then this 4WD off-road truck may be the ticket. The Latrax Teton by Traxxas is another completely ready to run small size machine in the 1/18-scale class. It comes assembled, with some impressive for it’s class electronics already installed and the factory painted body has an awesome look. The truck comes with transmitter batteries, battery for the truck and even a wall charger. This truck will tear up the sand near the beach or roost dirt on your camping trip trails. It’s 4WD drivetrain puts the power down when you need it most and the 4-wheel independent suspension soaks up bumps and jumps. The truck is quick too, so it may be better paired with outdoor RC vacation adventures.

RC Vacation Trip

Product: Teton
By: Latrax
Part Number: 76054-5
Price: $139.99
Link To Buy: http://amzn.to/2sOnTSF


4. Dromida Monster Truck

Get some big monster truck RC fun in a small scale with the Dromida Monster Truck. This 1/18-scale 4WD monster truck is ready for jumping off rough road near your campsite or venture through the grounds of your vacation hotel. The truck comes completely ready to run with charger and batteries included. This model shown here is their brushed version which we found to be very durable. Nothing worse than being on vacation and needing a part. The MT is easy to drive and is at home ripping across short grass and launching off of anything that you can turn into a small jump. The wild graphics on the body is sure to turn the heads of other vacationers around you.

RC Vacation Trip

Product: Monster Truck
By: Dromida
Part Number: DIDC0048
Price: $99.99
Link To Buy: http://amzn.to/2sOTYJU


5. ECX Temper

So you want to keep things slow and simple on your vacation. You seem like more of the crawler type then. The ECX Temper is probably the machine for you to get your RC on during your vacation adventure. Just like every machine in this guide the ECX Temper comes built and completely ready to run. The Temper is 4WD and has lots of suspension articulation that allows its axles and wheels to crawl up and over any obstacle you can find to tackle. That pile of laundry on the floor nobody wants to touch because they are on vaca? Climb it. That nice rock garden in the courtyard of your hotel? Climb it. Those rocks near the campsite… well you get the idea. The compact rig doesn’t take up much space and will give you the crawling fun you have the urge for.

RC Vacation Trip
Product: Temper
Part Number: ECX00012T1
Price: $199.99
Link To Buy: http://amzn.to/2uSPjDp


6. Helion Animus 18DT

Before or during your vacation travels, find yourself a Hobbytown and grab yourself a Helion Animus 18DT for some dessert truck fun. Yes, of course it is ready to run and the big body is painted. We like the look of this machine and that bumper soaks up a lot of abuse in accidents. The truck is 4WD and 1/18-scale so like the other vehicles shown here it is meant for maximum fun in smaller spaces which can be found on many vacation trips. If you do have the urge to hop up this machine, ask that Hobbytown store to see all of the hop-ups, we’re sure they’ll have them on hand.

RC Vacation Trip

Product: Animus 18DT
By: Helion
Part Number: HLNA0743
Price: $119.99

If you head out on a relaxing trip this summer on your own or with the family, we wish you an awesome vacation. We also hope you make it an extra fun vacation by stowing an RC car in your luggage to your destination. There is always some down time from vacation fun where you’re looking for something else to do. Take up that time with an RC adventure indoors or outdoors and we think our selection of affordable ready to run machines that include everything you need to run them will help boost your vacation fun factor for sure!

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