Wednesday, February 28, 2024

American Muscle – Protoform 1968 Ford Mustang Clear Body

The Mustang nameplate has long been synonymous with American muscle car performance, and now Protoform is proud to add it to their Vintage Trans-Am racing body lineup with their rendition of the 1968 Ford Mustang. The Protoform 1968 Ford Mustang Clear Body is sure to be a great choice for racing on the streets and the track.

Protoform 1968 Ford Mustang Clear Body

From the signature fastback roofline, to the aggressive stance, to the hood and pillar vents, every detail of the iconic pony car has been captured for an exceptionally scale look. Once again we’ve used the latest molding technology to form this body from single piece of polycarbonate while still maintaining realistic front and rear undercuts. No more add-on front or rear clips to assemble.

Protoform 1968 Ford Mustang Clear Body

This officially-licensed product is meets all VTA Class rules and includes a detailed decal sheet, protective overspray film and window masks.

Recapture the glory years of American road racing with the ’68 Mustang from PROTOform!

Part Number: 1558-40

LINK: Protoform

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  1. Iam new to this rc cars and I seen the body’s for your mustang what’s a good chassi for it ? I wanna build or find one for my father thank you

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