Thursday, December 7, 2023

AsiaTees has GPM Racing Aluminum Upgrades For Tamiya DT-03 – Check Out The Video

AsiaTees_GPM_Tamiya copy

The Tamiya DT-03 Neo Fighter Buggy chassis is somewhat based on the Frog, a 2WD buggy that was a popular model ever since the first R/C boom during the 1980s. The car is both apt at handling veterans and beginners through its easy handling and reliable stock body. GPM Racing has been known to create some durable and reliable upgrades for other models, and it’s only fair that they share some of the pie with the Tamiya DT-03. These upgrades will definitely up your game on the track or just at home for this buggy. The strength and precision provided by these aluminum parts is something that every DT-03 driver should be looking for. The GPM Racing upgrades available for the DT-03 are numerous, and they all come in a variety of colors so click the link above or watch the video below.

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