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Associated Electrics NanoSport RTR Review

The ways to enjoy the RC hobby apparently has no limits. There are so many different styles of RC cars to choose from, there is really something for everyone. You can enjoy your RC car as it comes out of the box or you can customize it and you can even run them wherever you want. The creativity behind RC never seems to end and Associated Electrics has taken it all a step further. Take a look at the Associated Electrics NanoSport RTR. This exciting and affordable package of RC cars combines radio control and sports. These two complete RC cars with special bodies can be used to play sports/ games like soccer and hockey or you can just rip them around your house or a parking lot as is. But is it fun? We’re game to find out! In our video review, we’ll go over what you get with the NanoSport pack, show you some of the accessories you can get for it and show you these small scale radio control cars in action!

NanoSport Ready To Run
By: Associated Electrics
Part Number: 20170
Package Includes: 2 rechargeable cars, 2 transmitters/radios, 2 balls, 2 pucks and 8 AA batteries.
Price: $99.99
Link To Buy: https://snp.link/e3d2cc58
Link To Associated Electrics: http://bit.ly/370mHLQ

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