Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Greg Vogel

Cheap Crawler Tires With Grip – Duratrax Showdown CR Tires

Duratrax Showdown CR Tires

There are many RC drivers that pick their equipment by whatever will give them the best bang for their budget. They search high and low for the best deals for the parts that will deliver the most performance. One area …

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Select a Kit or Ready To Run – Get Into RC

Kit or Ready To Run

Everyone had a first day in RC… EVERYONE! In Episode 006 of our “Get Into RC” video series, we are going to talk to you about the differences between an Kits, Ready To Run (RTR) Kits and we’ll throw in …

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Your First Basher Monster Truck? – Helion Conquest 10MT XB

Helion Conquest 10MT XB

You’ve seen them bashing around backyards everywhere, throwing up dirt, popping wheelies, flying through the air. RC monster trucking looks like a blast, because it is. These tough trucks can turn anything into a launch ramp and with their massive …

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The Perfect Travel Tool Set? – HoBao Racing Metric Driver Set

HoBao Racing Metric Driver Set

Finding the right tool set certainly isn’t easy as there are endless options available in the RC world. Greg has had a lot of experience with the tool set he is about to show you in this video. The set …

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The Story of the Axial Adventure Van – This is a rockin ride

Axial Adventure Van

Our new video studio has a number of RC cars on display and one vehicle in particular has been getting a lot of attention from you our viewers. For most of our new videos a particular yellow van has been …

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10 RC Newbie Mistakes To Avoid

10 newbie mistakes

We’ve been in the RC hobby for a long time, no really, a looong time and have seen a lot of new people enter the hobby while hanging out at shops and tracks. Over the years we’ve seen common recurrences …

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Get A Grip On The Road – Dynamite Speedtreads Robber SC Tires

Dynamite Speedtreads Robber SC

So you’re trying to do some “backyard bashing,” but your backyard is really your pavement driveway and it makes quick work of the off-road tires that came with your short course truck. No need to be ashamed of your backyard, …

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AMain Performance Hobbies Manufacturers Cup 2017

AMain Performance Hobbies Manufacturers Cup 2017

AMain Performance Hobbies will host the Manufacturers Cup presented by Tekin June 3 & 4 at the world-famous Silver Dollar RC Raceway. With several hundred entries expected, including many of the nation’s top pro drivers, an exciting heads up racing …

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Be Prepared With Hardware – Dynamite Stainless Steel Screw Set

Dynamite Stainless Steel Screw Set

Have you ever really needed a certain screw, and you just can’t find one anywhere? Happens to me more than I would like to admit. It’s a screw. Everyone needs one from time to time, and for all intents and …

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Cool Stuff from the National Retail Hobby Stores Association Show 2017

National Retail Hobby Store Association Show

For years, the owners and sometimes employees of hobby retailers near you have been traveling to Las Vegas for the National Retail Hobby Stores Association show. At this dealer event, shops meet and talk about everything under the sun to make …

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What The? A Sport Digital Radio for $40 – Tactic TTX200 Transmitter

Tactic TTX200 Radio

Tactic is not new to the world of RC; Tactic brand radios have been included with ready to run cars for some time and I know for a fact, many modelers choose Tactic radios for their RC cars, trucks and …

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Be Preppared To Pit – Here’s what you need for nitro racing pit stops

nitro racing pit stops

We’re getting ready for some ⅛ off-road nitro action and spent some time packing up a trackside pit bag with all the essentials needed to make tuning tweaks and trackside pit stops a breeze. Greg goes through what he personally …

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3 Upgrade Ideas Thursday – ECX Rukus 2wd Monster Truck Options

ECX Rukus

There is nothing like going out for a fun bash session with a 2wd monster truck. They are just fun machines to launch off of jumps, rip across dirt fields with, roost sand and tear up the backyard grass with. …

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What Do You Think Wednesday?

What Do You Think Wednesday

As an RC Driver Fan, we’re sure you follow our social media channels… right? Well if for some reason you’ve missed a week or two of our Facebook feed, you’ve actually missed a lot. We’ve started a new video post …

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Upgrade Your Traxxas Slash Axles – Pro-Line Racing Pro-Spline HD Axle Install

Traxxas Slash Pro-Line HD Axles

So it’s that time, you’ve added more power to your Traxxas Slash and you’re noticing the stock slider shafts twisting or worse, the universals keep popping out of the yoke. It happens, but luckily there are plenty of upgrade options …

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