Saturday, June 15, 2024

Awesome Anodizing and Killer Colors by Klinik RC

Awesome Anodizing and Killer Colors by Klinik RC

Klinik RC would like to announce their new brand to the RC market Klinik RC! They specialize in high quality machined grade 5 6Al4V Titanium products custom anodized in 9 different colors! Production Titanium Anodizing has never been available to our market until now!

klinik colored

Silver (No Anodize)

Shiny Bright Blue

Shiny Deep Purple

Shiny Bronze

Shiny Gold

Matte Grey

Matte Blue

Matte Purple

Matte Pink

Matte Gold

They are offering the most popular products custom anodized like turnbuckles, ball studs, screw sets, axle nuts, shock mounts and more!

They have developed a process to offer 2 finishes: Shiny and Matte. These processes and are exclusive only to their brand! Please see attached pictures.

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