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How Can I Test Cars for RC Driver?

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This article was originally published in RC Driver’s July 2015 issue.

How-Can-I-Test-Cars-for-RC-Driver-17For thirteen years now, the passionate staff behind RC Driver has worked tirelessly, days, nights and weekends to bring you the latest news, reviews, event reports, features, column, social media, videos and more related to this hobby that we all love. We can’t ever imagine stopping the sharing of RC knowledge and we won’t. RC Driver is actually selling well on the newsstands although everyone thinks digital is the only way to go. In fact, all forms of media are “the way to go.” On top of great print magazine sales, our website is on a massive rise in traffic thanks to our online viewers. We also have a great fan base on Facebook, for real. We didn’t buy our fan base.

So with all the positive movement in our media offerings, we’re hungry for more and that’s where you come in. Although we work seemingly non-stop we’re aware things are growing at a pace where we physically can’t supply enough content to feed all these media areas. We need help and we know there are plenty of people out there just as talented and just as passionate for the RC hobby as we are. So we’re asking those who have the skills and the drive to produce articles or builds to get in touch with us.

Do You Have What it Takes?

Do you think you have what it takes to test products and write complete, concise reports pertaining to the products features and in depth testing? Then you need to contact us. Photography skills are a big help, too. If you have these skills, send us an email with a sample of your photo work and an article on a product you currently own. Don’t worry about formats, just write an article with as much information as you think needs to be conveyed to a reader and email it to us at editors@rcdriver.com.

Video Contributors

Are you a passionate RC enthusiast behind a video camera? Do you like creating RC videos about driving, building or reviewing? Do you want to get noticed on our emerging video channels? We want video partners to work with us to create cool videos. If you have some videos ready to show, send us a link at editors@rcdriver.com so we can work you into our video feeds.

Photography Contributors

How about cool photos? Do you have some cool RC photos that would go viral on social media feeds? If you use Instagram, use the hashtag #rcdriver to share your fun RC photos with us and our followers! Or send your photos to us directly and we’ll share them with your fellow RC hobbyists. Make sure to include a funny or informative description of your photo so we know what to tell the RC world when we post it. And if you haven’t guessed it, by now, send your social media photo to editors@rcdriver.com.

We look forward to growing RC Driver even bigger thanks those who are about to help us expand the reach of RC!

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