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Change things up with Tamiya off-road truck bodies

Tamiya XB

If you have been driving your RC truck for a long time with the stock body, chances are it is getting a bit beat up and or you are ready to change things up. The best solution is with one of Tamiya off-road truck bodies. The body sets offered by Tamiya come complete with overspray film, window masks, sticker sheets and separately molded detail parts depending on the body you choose. As you look over the offering from Tamiya, you will find a nice variety of body sets for crawlers, trail trucks, rally, off-road racing and each will give you a realistic, scale looking truck. Obviously these bodies will work with Tamiya vehicles, but don’t let that stop you from getting one of these high-quality bodies for your non-Tamiya rig. It is very likely that the size of these bodies are close enough to work with chassis from other manufacturers. You just may need a little creativity to make them work.

Toyota Land Cruiser 40 — #51331


Out of all of Tamiya off-road truck bodies shown here, the full-size 4WD Toyota Land Cruiser 40 was arguably the most world-renowned. This can be contributed to its dependability, off-road prowess and a production span of nearly 25 years. Tamiya pays homage to the Land Cruiser with their well-detailed Toyota Land Cruiser 40 body. Along with a detail decal sheet, Tamiya includes additional molded plastic parts to complete the look of the Land Cruiser. Like the front grille, side view mirrors and marker lights. This body fits the Tamiya CC-01 and CR-01 chassis and can easily be adapted to numerous other vehicles. You can further up the scale factor by installing a Tamiya LED light kit.


Length: 14.9 in. (378mm)
Width: 7.3 in. (185mm) front wheels
Width: 7.4 in. (188mm) rear wheels
Height: 6.5 in. (165mm)

Ford Bronco — #51388

Ford truck fans are serious diehards and will definitely appreciate this great-looking old-school Tamiya Ford Bronco body. When Ford released the Bronco in the late 60’s, it was a pleasant departure from the other massive American made 4WD vehicles of that time. The Bronco’s compact design created a dynasty that is still popular today for off-road enthusiasts. Ford offered the Bronco in three body styles; the open-top roadster, the “sport utility” half cab and the wagon. This early Bronco body is officially licensed by Ford and modeled after the full-size 1973 Frond Bronco in the wagon style. It is molded with the distinctive rear bed cover, raised hood sides, and classic Ford grille. Included with the high-quality clear polycarbonate body are separately molded metal-plated parts for the front grille, light covers and side mirrors.


Length: 15.3 in. (390mm)
Width: 7.4 in. (189mm)
Height: 5.6 in. (142mm)

Land Rover Defender 90 — #51607

Whenever we look at the Land Rover Defender 90 AWD off-road truck, we instantly think of the Camel Trophy competition that put man and machine against some of the toughest terrains on earth as the ultimate test of endurance. Tamiya has faithfully recreated the Defender 90 in this 1/10-scale body. Along with the body are detail parts made of ABS plastic including the rear tire cover, grille, side mirrors and light cases. This body set is compatible with 5mm diameter LEDs for the headlights and rear lights if you want to up the scale realism. The body set comes with stickers to recreate the Defender’s markings plus window masks and overspray film when painting.


Length: 16.9 in. (430mm)
Width: 7.9 in. (200mm)
Height: 8.4 in. (214mm)


Mercedes Unimog 406 — #51358

One of the benefits in RC is that we can own scaled down versions of uncommon yet ultra-cool full-size vehicles like the Mercedes Unimog 406. The real Mercedes Unimog was built in the 1960’s and proved itself as being an exceptional 4WD vehicle with outstanding off-road performance. The Unimog was utilized in numerous environments like deserts, jungles and mountainous areas. Mercedes equipped the 406 with a powerful inline 6-cylinder diesel engine, 8-speed transmission and lockable front/rear differentials. To achieve the correct look of the Unimog, Tamiya created a polycarbonate body with a sub body. They then used black photo-etched parts for the mirrors and metal plated parts to recreate the front grille and light cases. Like all of Tamiya’s body sets, the Unimog comes with detail stickers and masking seals. You can then add the Tamiya TLU-01 LED Light Control unit so that the fun does not have to stop when the sun goes down.


Length: 15.3 in. (427mm)
Width: 7 in. (190mm)
Height: 6.3 in. (95mm)


Team Repsol Mitsubishi Ralliart Racing Lancer — #51360

Do you love rally racing like the legendary Dakar Rally? Then here is a perfect body option for you…the Tamiya Team Repsol Mitsubishi Ralliart Racing Lancer. The body shown here is Tamiya’s awesome RC version of the full size Racing Lancer that was designed specifically for the 2009 Dakar Series as well as other endurance events. Underneath the carbon fiber body of the real truck is a multi-tubular chassis and a 260 horsepower, 3-liter turbo diesel engine. To replicate the Lancer, Tamiya used durable ABS resin for the front and rear light cases, mirrors, snorkel duct and duct securing cap. Along with the body, ABS parts and window masks, Tamiya includes a few sticker sheets so that you can copy the real version right down to the smallest sponsor stickers. Out of the Tamiya off-road truck bodies shown here, this is the only rally truck.


Length: 16.9 in. (430mm)
Width: 7.5 in. (190mm)
Height: 5.9 in. (150mm)


Nissan Titan — #51490

Full-size off-road truck racing where the vehicles launch themselves over giant jumps and tackle mogul-like terrain is quite the spectacle. Tamiya decided to bring this type of racing to RC with the Nissan Titan race truck. It is a 1/12-scale version of the race truck that competed in the 2006 Championship Off-Road Racing (CORR) season held in the United States. When racing off-road, it is a huge benefit to run a full fendered body that covers the wheels. This allows for vehicles to come into contact with each other while racing and not get tangled up and crash. The Tamiya Nissan Titan comes out of the box in crystal clear polycarbonate with overspray film in place to help expedite the painting process and keep the outside surface free from paint. Also in the box is a huge sticker sheet to complete the transformation from a clear body to a highly detailed off-road race truck.


Length: 16.3 in. (413mm)
Width: 9.7 in. (246mm)
Height: 6.6 in. (168mm)

Toyota FJ Cruiser — #51560

Although the Toyota FJ Cruiser is a modern SUV, it was designed to have a retro style with off-road performance. It first made its appearance to the public as a concept car featured at the North American International Auto Show in 2003. Thanks to the tremendous positive feedback from the consumers, Toyota went forward with production of the FJ and it debuted at the 2005 North American International Auto Show. As you look over the RC version produced by Tamiya, you can see that they carefully took the time to accurately create the FJ with its unique large headlights, chunky fenders and trio of windscreen wipers. For Tamiya owners, the FJ Cruiser body is designed to directly fit with the Tamiya CC-01 and CR-01 chassis platforms. And of course, just like with the other Tamiya off-road truck bodies, it can be used on other similar chassis with minor tweaks.


Length: 17 in. (432mm)
Width: 7.5 in. (190mm)
Height: 5.1 in. (129mm)


Toyota Hilux Extra Cab — #51611

The Tamiya Toyota Hilux Extra Cab body is such a cool modern spin on the iconic Tamiya Bruiser and we feel it definitely does the Bruiser justice. An interesting fact about this recreation is that it depicts the 8th generation of the full-size Hilux released in 2015, specifically a special full-size version of the Extra Cab which Toyota’s British division had made in the colors of Tamiya’s legendary Bruiser as a type of accolade to the model. This Hilux Extra Cab body is molded in lightweight yet durable polycarbonate and comes with separate light case parts and side view mirrors. Using Tamiya PS polycarbonate compatible paint and the extensive stickers that are supplied with the body, you will end up with one great looking Bruiser tribute truck. Moreover, Tamiya made this body set compatible with white 3mm and 5mm diameter LEDs for the headlights and red 3mm and 5mm diameter LEDS for the rear lights.


Length: 17 in. (465mm)
Width: 7.5 in. (200mm)
Height: 5.6 in. (142mm)



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