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22 Best Battery Chargers for Racing RC Cars

When I first started racing I used an Aristocraft 15-minute quick charger to get my 1200mAh NiCd SC Sanyo batteries to capacity. I turned the dial around fully once then another five minutes for good measure. Soon I was using an external volt meter to monitor batteries and I eventually stepped up to a Digi Novak Peak charger to make my life much easier. Today, racers need a unit to charge multiple battery types as well as balance, cycle, discharge and more. Some have basic LCD screens, others have backlit screens, still others feature color touch screens. If you are in the market for a new high end charger to get the most out of your race packs you are in the right place as we’ve done all the research for you and made it easy to understand, take a look at the 22 best battery charger for racing RC cars.


AC/ DC Chargers

X2 AC Pro 2 Port AC/DC Multi Charger (44238, $199.99) http://amzn.to/2niheIs
This dual port charger delivers 200 watts (10-amps) of total power in AC mode, and up to 300 watts total output in DC. It is capable of charging all battery chemistries, including NiCd and NiMh up to 15-cells in size and LiPo, LiIon, LiFe and high voltage LiHV packs up to 6S in size. Other features include Battery Meter, Battery Internal Resistance Meter modes. USB support for PC and Wi-Fi Smart Phone Interface. Additionally, the X2 AC Pro is delivered with a 60W soldering iron with adjustable operating temperatures from 400 to 840 degrees F combining two must have units into one. It comes delivered with an AC power cord, universal balancing board, XH balancing board, a pair of charging cables, XT60 charge lead and pencil and chisel tips for the soldering iron.

TEAM ORION teamorion.com
Advantage Touch Advance AC/DC Charger (ORI30209, $179.99)
The Advantage Touch Advance compact AC/DC color touch screen charger with an integrated 100W power supply and intuitive software. It features a 3-inch 400×240 color TFT-LCD display combined with specialized ATTS touch software. The ATTS software was specifically designed for the Touch charger and its interface offers both ease of use for beginners. It features a mini USB port so it can be easily updated and Orion offers free software that can be downloaded to monitor charging on a PC. On top of having the ability to charge packs at 10-amps including 1–6S LiFe, LiIon, LiPo; 1–15 NiCd, NiMH; 2–20V Pb, it can discharge at 5-amps, balance charge, storage charge and more. It comes with a universal balance board, six different charging cables and power cord.

TEAM ORION teamorion.com
Advantage Touch Duo HV AC/DC Charger (ORI30298, $249.99) http://amzn.to/2nijqQ8
The Advantage Touch Duo HV AC/DC Charger with four-inch color touch screen is capable of charging new LiPo HV batteries, like LiPo V-that have an end voltage of 4.35V/cell (vs 4.2V/cell for regular LiPo). The 200W integrated power supply allows charge currents of up to 10A and fast charging of any type of batteries including LiPo/LiPo HV/LiFe/NiMH/ NiCd/Pb. You can simultaneously charge, discharge, store, cycle or balance any combination of batteries. The interface is equipped with a top navigation bar that allows you to easily switch between the two channels and a split view allows you to display simultaneously the data from both channels. It is also equipped with a mini USB port that allows the user to install future firmware upgrades. It copes with a pair of universal balancing boards, several charge leads, USB cable for firmware updates and power cord.

DYNAMITE dynamiterc.com
Passport Ultra Force 220W Touch Battery Charger (DYNC3010, $139.99) http://amzn.to/2ocNVw0
The Dynamite Passport UltraForce, 220W, AC/DC Touch Charger is designed to peak LiPo, LiFe, and LiIon packs from 1–6 cell, NiMH and NiCd packs from 1–15 cells and Pb battery types. This compact unit has an easy to operate fully functional touch screen that allows users to charge their 1 to 5C, Lithium or Nickel Metal batteries at 15-amps. A 2.1-amp USB port is ideal for charging tablets and smartphones and it comes delivered with an XH balance board, power cord and charge cord.

DYNAMITE dynamiterc.com
Passport Duo 400W Dual AC/DC Charger (DYN4300, $269.99) http://amzn.to/2ni8Mci
The Dynamite Passport Ultra Duo battery charger has 400W (200W x2) or power so it can charge 2 batteries at 10-amps each at the same time. With dual 200W output capability, the Ultra Duo can charge low-to-medium capacity 3C LiPo batteries in half the time it takes lower wattage/amperage chargers. It is also very versatile as it can charge LiPo, LiFe, LiIon up to 6S, NiMH, and NiCd packs up to 15 cell and Pb battery types. An east to read digital dot matrix display and an easy-to-use jog dial navigation. It comes with a pair of JST- XH balance boards and banana-to-EC3 battery adapter cables as well as a power cord.

PROTEK amain.com
EV-Peak SD1 Duo LiHV/Lipo AC/DC Battery Charger (PTK-8518, $399.99) http://amzn.to/2nijuQ5
The EV Peak SD1 Duo LiHV/Lipo AC/ DC charger is com- patible with up to 6S lithium based batteries with a max charge of 30-amps, and 500 Watts on DC input. Using the AC input, the SD1 still puts out 300W of power, per independent channel, allowing you to charge two different kinds of batteries at the same time. It is also compat- ible with NiCD and NiMH packs up to 15 cells in size. It also features a touch-sensitive, full-color 4.7-inch LED screen so you can easily and intui- tively navigate the menu to check cell voltage, monitor charge status and set all parameters and more. Safety features include short circuit protection, over current protection, over volt- age protection and reverse polarity protection. It comes with a power cord, a pair of balance boards and a pair of star type charge cords.

DYNAMITE dynamiterc.com
Prophet Sport Quad 4 X 100W AC/DC Charger (DYNC2050, $239.99) http://amzn.to/2nBLK3v
The Prophet Sport Quad 4 X 100W AC/DC Charger has the ability to handle 1S to 6S LiPo/LiFe/LiIon batteries as well as 1-to 15-cell Ni-MH and NiCd batteries and a range of selectable currents at up to 10-amps per channel. That means you can charge 4 separate batteries at 10-amps all at the same time. Integrated safety features include, short circuit, reverse polarity, low input voltage and over temperature protection. It features 4 easy to read backlit blue LCD screens, and comes delivered with 2 EC3 charge cords, 2 T-Type charge cords and one receiver charge lead as well as 2 JST-XH and 1 Thunder Power balance boards.

Reedy 1216-C2 Dual AC/DC Competition Balance Charger (27200, $174.99) http://amzn.to/2nicWRt
The 1216-C2 is easy to use, and incorporates many advanced features to make it the perfect charg- ing two 1 – 6S LiPo/LiFe/LiIon packs and 1 – 15 cell NiMH/NiCd/Pb batteries at up to 12-amps. Storage of up to 10 different charge profiles (per channel) allows for easy access to your most commonly used settings. Terminal Voltage Control (TVC) gives racers an added option to regulate power output and calibrate voltage while 1S Balance Mode results in accurate voltage read- ings when charging 1S batteries. It has a pair of easy to read LCD screens and comes delivered with a power cord, XH 2-6S balance boards and two t plug type charge cords.

ATOMIK RC – atomikrc.com
Venom Pro Quad 100W X4 AC/DC 7A LiPo/ LiHV/NiMH Balance Charger (0686, $229.99) http://amzn.to/2nBFsRk
Venom Pro Quad Four port, 7.0A multichemistry balance charger features a monolithic vertical stance to save bench space by providing four complete charg- ing circuits, each with its own dedicated 100W of power. Located on the back of the charger are two 2.3-amp USB charging ports to power USB devices. Menu navigation is easy with a five- button control interface and backlit LCD screen. Most battery chemistries are supported includ- ing: LiPo, LiHV, LiFe, Li-Ion, NiMH, NiCD, and Pb with an assortment of charge leads included in the box along with long balance leads to make safe charging in a LiPo sack painless.

MUCHMORE muchmoreusa.com
Hybrid Pro Blue Balance Charger and 24-amp Power Supply (MMHBPB, $379.09) http://amzn.to/2nNHQVO
This unique unit gives you the convenience of having an AC/DC balance charger and 24A power supply combined into one compact blue aluminum cased unit. The Hybrid Pro Charger/ Discharger/ Power Sup- ply Unit charges 1-6S LiPo, 1-18 cell NiMH/ NiCd, and 2-24V Pb batteries, and offers up to 10A charging and 5A discharging. It has a five-model memory, balancing board, several charge leads and power cord.

GRAUPNER graupnerusa.com
Polaron EX Combo 7S 3” Color and Touch TFT (S2001, $429.00) http://amzn.to/2ocOlCw
The Polaron EX Combo charger is a dual 400W (total 800W) charger has a power supply conveniently attached to the side providing a continuous 12V 24A power source.It features a color and touch TFT LCD screen making operation and menu navigations easy. The charger will automatically set up the optimal charge profile after entering the battery type, cell numbers and battery capacity, ensuring efficient and safe charging. Each channel can hold up to 20 different profiles to eliminate the need to reenter battery information. Compatible with LiPo, LiLo, LiFe up to 7S, NiCd, NiMh up to 14 cells and Pb 1-12 cells. The supplied temperature sensors will add extra safety when charging batteries at a high charge rate. It has a servo and sensored motor tester and comes with a pair of EH to XH 7S balancing boards and cables, charge cables, alligator clips, stylus and more.

DC Chargers

HITEC  hitecrcd.com
H4 DC/DC Four-Port Multi- Charger (44186, $274.99) http://amzn.to/2nBQAxR
This 4-port (output) charger from Hitec features a durable aluminum case, backlit LCD screen, and has a compact, space saving design. Each channel provides up to 8-amps to quickly charge batteries of varying chemistries, including LiPo/LiFe/Li-Ion packs up to 6S in size, NiMH and NiCd packs up to 12 cells and Pb (lead acid) batteries from 2-24V. In addition to charg- ing the H4 can discharge at two amps, cycle, charge, and put packs into storage mode. While temperature sensors are not included, each output features a port should you decide to add one later.  The H4 comes with several charging adapters for a variety of connectors as well as Multiplex, XH and TP balance boards for lithium based packs. Finally, independent charging channels can be paired to provide two independent 240- watt charge ports, or two 120-watt ports with a single 240-watt charge port to increase charge amperage to 16-amps.

HITEC  hitecrcd.com
X2 700 – 2 Port DC/DC Multi charger (44239, $214.99) http://amzn.to/2ojhAAs
This powerful dual output charger features a pair of 700-watt output ports, resulting in a 30-amp charge rate for increased capacity and ultrafast charge times. It supports all battery chemistries, including NiC and NiMH packs up to 20 cells in size and LiPo, LiFe, LiIon and new high voltage LiHV packs up to 8S in size and 50,000mAh in capacity. Lithium charge modes include regular charge, fast charge, balance charge and storage charge. A pair of backlit LCD screens makes the X2 700 easy set-up and monitor charging progress. For techies the X2 700 can be controlled from a PC with the Hitec Charge Master software available free from the Hitec website. Included accessories are a pair of battery clamps and universal balancing boards, XT-60 changing cable, T-type charging cable and two 18AWG charging cables.

LRP lrp.cc
Pulsar Touch Competition Charger (41556, $189.99) http://amzn.to/2nihbfS
This 4th generation of the Pulsar charger from LRP comes loaded with features. To start, it has an easy to use touch screen with backlit blue screen, and five preset charging profiles that can be customized. The Pulsar Touch Competition Charger has a 12-amp charge rate, and is compatible with NiMH and NiCd batteries up to 8-cells in size and LiPo, LiFe and LiIon packs up to 4S in size. It has many modes, including the obvious balance charge with the XH adapter built into the side of the unit, including LiPo cycling, discharge at up to 20-amps. Another special highlight is the integrated high performance LiPo/LiFePo balancer that detects differences in the cells and automatically starts balancing. This results in a longer lifetime and even better performance of the battery. The included USB port allows for easy firmware updates from the LRP website so it will never be outdated.

PROTEK amain.com
Prodigy 640 High Power LiPo/LiFe DC Battery Charger (PTK-8512, $199.99) http://amzn.to/2nNNZkS
The ProTek Prodigy 640 High Power multichemistry charger can peak just about any battery you hook up to it and can do so fast thanks to a 40-amp charge rate. It can handle LiPo and LiFe packs 6S in size and NiMH packs up to 16-cells. A cool precharge feature is useful for trying to revive lithium packs and the backlit LCD screen make navigating menus and monitoring packs while they charge easy on the eyes. The 5V/1A USB output is ideal for many powering up many mobile electronics while the digital power program delivers 3V – 24V to other items like motors and tire warmers. It comes with a multitude of charge leads and a uni- versal balance board that is compatible with XH, EH, TP/FP and HP/PQ style balance plugs. Addi- tionally, the software can be updated to support future upgrades, and a heavy duty XT60 connector is used to provide a safe and secure charge lead connection.

GRAUPNER graupnerusa.com
Polaron EX1400 Charger (A2018, $349.00) http://amzn.to/2nNB4iX
Available in both black and red, the Polaron EX1400 Charger has two outputs that provide up to 700W/30-amps of power. Totaling 1400W of power and packed in a compact case with a color and touch sensitive 3.0 TFT screen, the EX1400 is easy to store and easy to use. All controls are accessible from the touch screen requiring minimal user input. The EX1400 supports HV type of LiPo batteries and most other battery types available on the market. The charger will automatically setup the optimal charge profile after entering the battery type, cell numbers and battery capacity, ensuring efficient and safe charging. Each charge channel can hold up to 20 different charge profiles, too. It has a built in servo and sensored motor tester and comes with XH 8S adapter cables, USB cable, DC input cable, two temperature sensors, two charge cables, two alligator clips and charger stand.

JUNSI  junsi.com (available at hobbytown.com)
iCharger 306B Multi Chemistry Battery Charger (JUN-306B, $159.99) http://amzn.to/2oiWHW9
Designed for charging 1S-6S lithium based packs at up to a 30 amp charge rate, the iCharger 306B also comes standard with tools such as measuring the internal resistance of your batteries, or safely and easily discharg- ing packs for storage. For lithium based packs, the 306B can balance charge, normal charge, fast charge, storage charge, discharge and cycle. For NiCd and NiMH packs there are auto charge, manual charge, discharge, charge/discharge cycling and forming charge. For Pb batteries it can charging and discharging. It comes stand- ard with a JST-XH and TP balance boards, alligator clip charge cables, USB cable and more.

LRP lrp.cc
Power Supply Competition 13.8V/20A (43200, $125.99) http://amzn.to/2nioEeL
This power supply has a pair of output con- nectors for 12V devices. The 20-amp output current and output voltage of 13.8V make the LRP Powersupply the perfect for operat- ing several items in your pit. The 1-Amp/5V USB output port is ideal for charging tablets, smartphones and other mobile electronics. It is designed for an input voltage from 110V to 230V and can be used worldwide. It is compact in size so it won’t overwhelm your pit space and is it has a tough blue anodized aluminum case.

JUNSI junsi.com (available at hobbytowncom)
iCharger 4010DUO Multi- Chemistry Battery Charger (4010DUO, $349.99) http://amzn.to/2ocNkKW
The 4010DUO uses advanced high current and high-performance synchronous buck-boost DC/DC converter technology to deliver up to 2000W of charging power, with a maximum charge/discharge current of up to 40A per channel and two channels in Synchronous Mode up to 70A! Each channel supports 10S lithium batteries, while the impressive TFT LCD screen provides battery information including current, voltage, power, capacity, internal resistance, control status, time-consuming, temperature, and more. It comes delivered with a pair of balance boards, charge cord out puts ready for you to add a connector of your choice, USB cable so it can easily be updated and DC cord.

Power Supplies

HITEC hitecrcd.com
ePowerBox 50 Amp Switching Power Supply
(44213, $279.99) http://amzn.to/2nxk4es
The hefty ePowerbox provides 50 amps of current with an input voltage range from 100VAC to 240VAC and an adjustable output of 15-30 VDC. An easy to read backlit LCD screen displays voltage and amperage output clearly and conveniently. There are multiple outputs to power a variety of devices as well as two USB ports to charge modern cell phones, tablets and more.

PROTEK amain.com
EV Peak PJ1 eCube 1360W Power Supply with USB Port (EVPF1209, $289.99) http://amzn.to/2nxeMzR
The eCube 1360W Power Supply has an amazing 1360W of output power. It features dual outputs and 60-amps of power that great choice for high power chargers and other accessories. Output information is easy to read on a backlit LCD screen on the front panel and there is a 2.1A/5V USB output port for charging many types of mobile electronics.

JUNSI junsi.com (available at hobbytown.com)
S1200 Adjustable Output Power Supply (S1200, $269.99)
The 1200W, 50-amp S1200 power supply from Junis has a trio of outputs to power up everything in your pit. Voltage output is adjustable from 11.5v – 24.5V and the easy to read displays tell you display output voltage and current on time. Internal cooling fans keep it operating efficiently and safety features include over current, over voltage, over load, over temperature and short circuit protection.


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