Monday, April 22, 2024

ECS Drive Shaft Set For Xray T3 T4 by YeahRacing

Yeah_Racing_RCMART_Xray_T4_Universals copy

In the current age of brushless and LiPo power, a pair of DCJ in the front is a must have for smooth and consistent cornering.

By having double joints, the angle of the universal at full steering lock is reduced, which in turn reduces the chatter produced when compared to traditional single jointed drive shafts!

Unlike the large number of other Double Cardan joint universals, this set uses the original 5x10x4mm bearing in the steering block and excludes the need for a thinner bearing which is more prone to failure due to the smaller balls used in the bearings.

Note: For use with Xray’s ECS C hubs, if you have the older version of the C Hubs, you will need to cut some material from the inner of the C Hub.

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