Sunday, December 10, 2023

3 Upgrade Ideas Thursday – ECX Circuit Brushed 2WD Stadium Truck

ECX is a company that keeps pushing out quality products generally geared for the more beginner hobbyists. The ECX Circuit is no exception, its a tough as nails product that is a blast and comes with everything needed to run all for around $160 or so. Since the Circuit is a fantastic starter vehicle, it is only a matter of time before the user may grow tired of the truck and may start looking for something faster. But as a beginner, you may not know that half the fun of hobby grade vehicles is that they are a blast to upgrade and even a beginner level car such as this ECX can become something much more. I promise if you add these parts to your Circuit, it will feel like a brand new vehicle!

Link To Buy: http://amzn.to/2hc4eDY

1. Tazer Twin 540 Brushless Motor/ESC Combo 3000kv
Now I have tested a Circuit for RCDriver in the past, and believe that the stock brushed power system is good… for beginners. Once the user is comfortable with the handling of the truck, the stock speed may leave something to be desired. Brushless systems truly transform a vehicle into something completely new. This Dynamite Tazer brushless combo is a perfect match for the Circuit, and is a great balance between low end torque and top speed. I estimate that this combo will give a higher top end speed of about 50% with the stock gearing, but more notably will be the low end performance. With a good battery, the Tazer combo will pull wheelies no problem and break the rear tires loose in practically every environment. Having that low end power will make the vehicle so much more fun to drive and since the system is much more powerful than stock, it will hit those top speeds in a flash.

Manufacturer: Dynamite
Part: Tazer Twin 540 Brushless Mot/ESC Combo: 2WD,3000kv
Part Number: DYNS1450
Price: $89.99
Link To Buy: http://amzn.to/2iCefyb

2. ECX Metal Gear Set
Since we are putting much more power through the driveline, it is important to focus on durability for the rest of the upgrades. The ECX Metal gear set is a perfect starting point. If you just drop a brushless system into the vehicle, you will no doubt strip the internal gears. The harsh acceleration and wheelies are too much for plastic to handle. The brushless combo has so much more power, that the stock plastic gears can even strip under heavy braking! It is great that ECX has already thought of this and offers a metal gear system that is a drop in replacement for the stock transmission gears. If you ever strip the stock gears, I would say that this upgrade is even worth it on the stock power plant to prevent the issue from ever happening again. The differential comes already assembled so this product is a perfect project for a newbie as it only takes a few bolts to get into the transmission on the Circuit.

Manufacturer: ECX
Part: Metal Gear Set: 1:10 2wd
Part Number: ECX9001
Price: $29.99
Link To Buy: http://amzn.to/2zGxqKt

3. RPM Front & Rear A-arms
You may be seeing a constant trend in that I always recommend RPM parts if they are avaliable for the vehicle I am focusing on. This is with good reason, they make some of the toughest parts in the whole world for a variety of radio control vehicles. Their plastics are a step above what other manufacturers use. The main reason is that they do such a great job absorbing impacts and are engineered to flex just enough to alleviate the strain on other critical components, all without ever breaking themselves. I have never hears of anyone breaking an RPM part under normal conditions and RPM stand by their product in that they will offer a replacement free of charge. Just don’t run them in negative degree weather and expect free parts, nothing will survive at that temperature. I chose the a-arms from RPM as they often take tons of abuse, especially when jumping. Since the a-arms flex just enough they have the pleasant benefit of taking some strain off the hinge pins as well, another common failure point when running a high powered rc car.

Manufacturer: RPM
Part: ECX Torment 2wd, Ruckus 2wd & Circuit 2wd Front, Rear A-arms
Part Number: Front: 70582, Rear: 70462
Price: $11.95 (per set, each set contains one pair of arms)
Link To Buy-
Front: http://amzn.to/2ySUvwh
Rear: http://amzn.to/2iAkQJl

These parts will give your ECX Circuit a new lease on life, and be able to back that up with increased durability which means less downtime. I remember the first time I slapped a brushless combo on one of my trucks and I was blown away with the power boost that the system provided. All of the upgrades are super simple to install and in most cases only require a few screws to be removed and replaced. The brushless system should run on stock gearing with no heating issues to speak of. Definitely look into these upgrades before shopping for a new vehicle, with these installed your Circuit should be able to keep up with much more expensive cars!



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