Friday, January 27, 2023

Fazon 6S BLX with Advanced Diff Technology from ARRMA


ARRMAs 6S BLX brushless power system will propel your ARRMA FAZON 6S to speeds in excess of 60mph, and with ARRMAs Advanced Diff Technology, you can experience four amazing driving modes for the broadest and most exciting Monster Truck experience imaginable.

The stunning Monster Truck bodyshell is supported by a beautifully engineered aluminum TVP chassis, big bore shock absorbers and aluminum slider Universal Joint driveshafts.

Amazing speed, wheelie-popping power and breathtaking looks make the ARRMA FAZON 6S the fastest looking, multi-drive model RC Monster Truck in the world.

Perfect proportions from every angle, the FAZON 6S features a highly detailed multi-tonal bodyprint design with scale realistic headlights and bodywork decals. The ‘X’ profile front bumper interfaces with a tough skid plate.

A specially designed exoskeleton and Twin Vertical Plate chassis center spine provide a rock solid foundation. Crafted from super-tough composite materials and premium red anodized aluminum, strength and rigidity are engineered into the FAZON 6S, as standard.


The upper roll hoop helps protect your bodyshell from collision damage when you push harder than ever before.

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