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FMS Model 1/6 Suzuki Jimny Quick Look

When it comes to scale RC cars, relatively new comer to the hobby FMS Model has been unveiling lots of unique ready to run vehicles. One of their earlier offerings was the 1/6 scale Jimny RC Crawler. This grabbed the attention of many RC enthusiasts because of its uniqe look and odd size. Although it’s 1/6 scale of a real Jimny, the platform that the body sits on is more like 1/10. Nonetheless, this hard body scale crawler got our attention as it’s price has been lowered to under two hundred dollars. All you need to add is batteries and a charger to get it going.

1/6 Jimny (1st Generation) RC Crawler
By: FMS Model
For: Any skill level
Type: 1/6 4WD Electric Off-Road Crawler
Price: $196.99
You’ll need: 4 AA Batteries, 2S LiPo Batteyr and Charger


The packaging that FMS models come in is some of the best in the RC world. The Jimny comes in its own styrofoam carrying case. The model is mostly assembled, but needs a few accessories bolted on like the roll bar and mirrors. The windshield folds up and clips into place. You’ll also find an FMS radio and instructions in the box.


The Jimny body is molded in a tan hard ABS plastic and is loaded with detail. The hood opens to access the battery tray and electronics. The grill is slotted and reveals the radiator behind it. Inside the cab area tons of detail has been added to the dashboard and under it are the pedals. Of course there is a steering wheel and the seats are a soft rubber, so realistic! Out back a spare tires sits on a mount and under it is a bumper with tail light lenses. Oh, that reminds us, it comes with LED’s in the headlights from the factory!


The suspension looks so realistic. Leaf springs offer rebound while friction shocks add to the scale look. The solid axles are well detailed and are loaded with bearings. Nestled up in the top of the chassis is a compact transmission that goes to a transfer case in the center with slider style driveshafts transferring the power. All this meets up with a metal ladder frame chassis.


A standard servo takes care of the steering and it appears to be a Hobby Wing based speed control sending power to the silver can motor. Just be aware you’ll need a battery with an XT60 plug to power the car. The transmitter is a FMS unit with all the basic trim functions necessary to dial in the Jimny.


The FMS Jimny looks like a great scale model for some casual backyard or trail crawling. It’s also a perfect base for modelers looking to customize an RC car. We already have plans to customize ours with a custom paint job.

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