Saturday, June 15, 2024

Fullforce RC Skull Body Washers For The X-Maxx

Sometimes those neat products arrive here at the office and we think, “That’s cool, why didn’t we think of that?” And today, we have one of those products. What you see here are new from Fullforce RC; they’re body washers for the stock X-Maxx body. But they’re not just any body washer. These little 3D printed gems are, as you can see, in the shape of a skull. These skulls are available in packs of four, come in a variety of colors, include hardware and they’re specifically designed for the front of the body to fit its contours. Let’s take a closer look at the Fullforce RC Skull Body Washers For The X-Maxx.

Product: Custom 3D Printed Skull Body Washers
By: Fullforce RC
Fits: Stock X-Maxx Body
Includes 4 skulls and hardware
Price: $15.00
Part Number: Varies with color

Why Do You Need Them? Well, first up, they’re a way to customize your X-Maxx and make it stand out. The color options can match existing body colors or even get a few packs to mix and match colors for that ultimate custom look. But the real benifit to these unique body washers is to increase the surface area where the body is secured by the hardware. The smaller factory flat head washer may pull through the body in a hard crash. These washers increase that surface area to lessen the chances of body damage.

Are they easy to install? If you have a 2mm and 2.5mm hex driver, you can do this. Simply unscrew the four factory flat head body screws from their mounting points. Install the new small heads in the front with the short screws and the taller heads in front of the windshield with the longer screws. Note that there are left and right heads to fit the contour of the body.


Custom look, better durability, the Fullforce RC skulls are a great addition to any X-Maxx with a stock body. The prints on these are very good, they seem very solid and will hold up to abuse X-Maxx owners dish out on their trucks. If you need more information, visit Fullforce RC: HERE

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