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Helion Verdikt 12SC Short Course Truck

Helion Verdikt

Well this is something different. The crew behind Helion is looking to fill a missing void between small 1/18 machines that are great for indoor use, but can be a handful to drive and 1/10 vehicles that can be a bit too big for some spaces. The result is the Helion Verdikt 12SC, a 1/12 scale ready to run off-road short course truck. The size looks great; it has great styling and some interesting features that is really grabbing our attention. Let’s take a closer look.

Manufacturer: Helion
Product: Verdikt 12SC
Class: 1/2 2WD Short Course Truck
Power system: Brushed Motor
Kit type: RTR
What’s in the box: Assembled truck, brushed motor/ESC system and electronics installed, 2-channel radio, LiPo battery, LiPo sack, charger, box wrench, painted body and manual.
Needed to complete: 4 “AA” batteries.
Who it’s for: Perfect for entry-level or any RC enthusiast
Part Number: HLNA0541
Price: $154.99

First off, the Verdikt comes in an attractive box well packaged so you’re sure to get what you paid for, a pristine truck and accessories. Inside the box you’ll find the assembled truck with the body already painted with some very cool graphics. Also in the Box is the Helion HRSS-2.1 radio, a LiPo balance charger and a LiPo battery already placed in a protective LiPo charging sack. Let’s stop right here. Did you see what we just said; Helion includes a LiPo charging sack with the kit. They have safety in mind for the user; big props Helion! And finally there is a manual, box wrench and antenna tube in the mix.

On to the truck itself, we took a look at the trucks overall appearance. We noticed the roll cage inside with a driver, but the dude sits a little low so it seems a little odd in the overall picture. We also noted the mud-flaps, cool and the light pods also cool, but the front of the body is notched for the light pods to peek out from. We probably would have liked to have seen the pods included with the option to install them yourself and cut the body on your own.

With the body off, you immediately see the long channel chassis and suspension that was used for Helion’s Impakt buggy and the inclusion of body mounts, bumpers and wheels to make it into a SC machine. The suspension arms are flexible as are the fixed links to absorb impacts. The shocks are simple friction dampers with springs for rebound, no oil here. The chassis channel is pretty neat that you can access the battery from the bottom door to make battery swaps a breeze without removing the body. In the front center of the chassis you’ll see the all in one electronics module that is the servo, ESC and receiver. The battery wire is fitted with a high power T-connector and a large on/off switch/ set-up button is located behind the driver to power up the unit. Included with the truck is a 380 size brushless motor.

The motor bolts to an enclosed transmission case. There is no access to the pinion and spur from outside and the internals are sealed off from harmful debris. There is a gear diff inside and steel outdrives propel the composite dogbones. Looks like the differential is supported by bearings, but the axles, both front and rear are supported by bushings. Finishing up the details on this reveal are the wheels and tires. The tires are a medium compound multi-terrain type tread mounted on a SC style wheel with large inner bead and smaller outer bead. There isn’t any foam in the tires but the wheel does have a 12mm hex if you want to try and adapt other wheels.


The Helion Verdikt 12SC is an interesting machine, it’s ready to run with all-weather electronics and at a great price point. We like that Helion includes a LiPo pack and sack with the kit so that little bit of extra power is already there unlike other RTR options that come with a NiMh pack and you have to upgrade later. You’ve captured our interest Helion with this truck and we’re eager to get it on the dirt. Look for a full review of the Helion Verdikt 12SC in the April 2015 issue of RC Driver.


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