Friday, January 27, 2023

HobbyStar 540 Pro V2, Competition Brushless Sensored Motor

HobbyStar 540 Pro V2, Competition Brushless Sensored Motor

The HobbyStar 540 V2 motor is all new from the ground up, the result of refining an already proven design.  HobbyStar motors are known for being one of the smoothest power plants on the track, and the V2 takes that buttery-smooth operation to the next level with an updated sensor board that even incorporates dual ports for the ultimate in flexibility.  Every component of the V2 motors was evaluated, even the case screws have been upgraded to titanium-nitride coated aluminum units (an industry first). The result is a motor that is lighter, smoother and most importantly even more powerful than ever. Available from 4.5T to 21.5T so there is a motor for nearly any application.


Re-designed motor can for more efficient cooling
All-new rotor with stronger neodymium magnets
New stator design is more efficient and yields higher average KV ratings
Titanium-nitride coated aluminum can screws
Gold-plated solder tabs
All-new sensor board with dual sensor ports
Weighs 20g less than V1 motors

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