Friday, March 31, 2023

LaTrax Teton 1/18 4WD Monster Truck Review

The Latrax Teton by Traxxas is not a new RC Truck to the radio control world, but it is a truck worthy of adding to our collection of review videos. This mighty 1/18-scale electric Monster Truck comes ready to run and is a great package for those looking to get into radio control action with something better than a toy rc car, but without spending a ton of money to get a high end hobby grade rc car. This truck is 4wd, has long travel independent suspension, metal gears in the driveline and waterproof electronics with a speed control that has a training mode option. The La Trax Teton may be small in size, but it does pump out similar performance to much larger RC machines. In this video we give you all the features and details of the LaTrax Teton, show you it in action and let you know how it performs.

By: LaTrax
Part Code: 76054-5
Price: $129.99

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  1. Great article here, i have onwed several traxxas vehicles including this LaTrax Teton. It truly is an amazing rc monster truck for the price. As its on the cheaper side compared to some other rc monster trucks available. thank you for the great info.

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