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Lipo Or Nimh – Help Me Decide

This article was originally published in RC Driver’s July 2015 issue.
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I am fairly new to the RC world and I’m interested in using LiPo batteries. Problem is I don’t know what makes them so much better than NiMh? Thanks Trey D. Pearland, Texas


Hey Trey, The world of RC has been majorly transformed with the addition of LiPo technology. Let’s take a look at com- parative packs – a 6-cell NiMh pack to a 2S (or 2-cell) LiPo battery. Both have roughly the same voltage (7.2V for the NiMh, 7.4V for the LiPo) and are about the same size, but that’s where the similarities end. LiPos are quite a bit lighter than their NiMh counterparts, in some cases being about one half the weight. Secondly, LiPos produce quite a bit more power the NiMh packs, so not only is your car going to accelerate faster (lighter pack), it’s also going to have more power on the top end. Pricewise, LiPos may be a little more expensive but that’s the cost of a newer technology. If you do end up going with a LiPo pack, don’t forget to pick up a LiPo battery charger as well. —Tony

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