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RC Racing Tools from O.S. Engines

This article was originally published in RC Driver’s August 2015 issue.

O.S. Engines is best known for their nitro power plants for all sorts of RC vehicles. From planes to helis and especially cars and trucks, the engine manufacturer is well-known for the reliability and power of the mills they produce. The new Speed line of buggy and truggy engines is no exception and to keep these pristine power- houses in top shape, O.S. now offers a complete line of high quality tools. Sure, you can probably find whatever you need from another source, but none of such high quality and O.S. even makes a few specialty tools to make working on your ride much easier. Let’s check em out…


Hex and nut drivers are a staple necessity in the RC game no matter what type of vehicle you are running. The 10-piece Driver Tool Set is packed full of the most popular sizes of hex and nut drivers in addition to a 2.5mm flat screwdriver for needle adjustments. Each tool has an anodized alloy handle that’s knurled for superior grip. The spring steel tips are CNC cut and offer fantastic durability. Finishing off the drivers, O.S. etched each one with the size on the handle for easy identification. The manufacturer also markets a full line of replacement tips in case you happen to break or strip a tip.

Also featured in the line of Speed Tools, are a few specialty items worth mentioning. Nitro lovers will rejoice at the sight of the Clutch Wrench which also doubles as a Centax Spring Adjustment Tool. The durable steel construction offers dependability when you need. It features a 10mm flywheel nut on one end, a tool for adjusting Centax clutches on the other and a T-handle in the middle for good grip.

Along the same lines, O.S. also serves up a Flywheel Key/Centax Gauge tool. The flywheel head works on both two and four- pin flywheels and will make quick work of installation and removal of the clutch nut, without the need for oversized pliers that might mar your flywheel. The Centax Gauge works by inserting the clutch nut in the slot and simply sliding it until resistance is felt. Finishing off the front end work, O.S. offers a Flywheel Puller that gently and evenly removes the flywheel without risking damage to the crank case.


O.S. 10 Piece Driver Tool Set (71410000) $199.99  

1.5mm Hex Driver
2.0mm Hex Driver
‹2.5mm Hex Driver
3.0mm Hex Driver
2.0mm Hex Ball Driver
2.5mm Hex Ball Driver
5.5mm Nut Driver
6.0mm Nut Driver
7.0mm Nut Driver
3.0mm Flat Head Screw Driv

O.S. Speed Clutch Wrench and Adjuster (71415300) $27.

O.S. Speed Flywheel Key (71415200) $21.

O.S. Speed Flywheel Puller (71415100) $29.99


We used our set of Speed Driver Tools on a variety of different O.S. engines and more than a few cars and trucks and they performed flawlessly throughout our testing. The knurled handles offer awesome grip, even if you’re sweating away in the summer sun or made a mess of yourself while re-building shocks trackside. They might cost a little more than some tools out there, but you know what they say … you get what you pay for and these tools are worth the money. O.S. also sells the hex and nut drivers as individual items so if you don’t need or want the entire 10-piece set, you can pick and choose the tools to get. Finally, although they are marketing specifically to nitro car drivers, pretty much the entire lineup would be a valuable asset in the hands of any RC hobbyist. O.S. has built a reputation by offering up some of the best products in the industry and these tools are no different. Check them out for yourself and get your wrench on!

O.S. Engines osengines.com

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