Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Losi Mini JRX2 Photo Gallery

Have you been watching all of the vintage RC car releases over the years and wondered when and if Losi will ever rerelease their cars? Well the wait is over! Losi Mini JRX2 has been unveiled and you can find it here: https://snp.link/bc9bf0d9 This is truly an exciting release for the hobby and long time enthusiasts. The Team Losi JRX2 played a major role in shaping the RC Racing scene. The buggy has been brought back in 1/16 scale making it fun for anyone of any skill level and no you don’t even need to be a racer. This mighty mini looks just like the original and here you can see up close how they kept the original features of the buggy and just scaled them down to a mini size.

Losi Mini JRX2
By: Horizon Hobby
Part Number: LOS01020
Type: 1/12 scale 2WD RTR Buggy
Price: $169.99
Buy: https://snp.link/bc9bf0d9
You’ll need: Transmitter Batteries
Visit: https://snp.link/495d74ba








For More Informaion Visit: Losi


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