Saturday, April 13, 2024

Losi TENACITY TT Pro 4WD Brushless RC Truck Speed Test

We spend a lot of time testing each and every RC car and truck you see here on the channel. We actually spend a lot of time checking them out on the workbench too. And of course there is the time to produce the videos. Yup, lots of work goes into it, but even we admit we could do more. One thing we don’t often get to is speed tests and as we know, one of the biggest questions in RC is: “How Fast Is It?” Well, we had some time to take out a recent speed monster that we tested, the Losi TENACITY TT Pro 4WD Brushless RC Truck. On the box, Losi claims it can go 50mph. But can the Losi TENACITY TT Pro really go 50mph right out of the box in a 3S pack? And how fast does it go on a 2S LiPo pack for that matter. We strapped a Dynamite speed meter to the truck and went out to see exactly how fast it goes. Do you think it will do 50mph? See for yourself in the video.

By: Horizon Hobby
Part Number: LOS03019T2
MSRP: $429
Link To Buy
Falken: https://amzn.to/2vqkhZx
Brenthel: https://amzn.to/2TBGewr

NOTES- In the video we talk about lowering the front using zip-ties in order to get more air over the top of the truck. To clarify, we simply used the zip-ties because that’s what we had available to us while out speed testing. The better solution to lower the truck would be to install long set-screws in the droop-screw holes of the arms. We also chose to drive the truck without AVC for our tests as a personal preference. The AVC option may help you maintain control at high speeds.

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