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Make Your RC Yours – Tamiya Body Sets

Tamiya XB


Once you’ve been bitten by the radio control hobby bug, there is no turning back and you’ll just go deeper and deeper into the hobby and that often means customizing your radio control car to fit your style. Probably the most replaced item on your RC machine will be the body and so many Tamiya enthusiasts and beyond will turn to Tamiya body sets to paint and customize. Sure, Tamiya offers body shells for replacements, but their body sets are gems that sometimes gives you all the additional accessories you need for a complete body package. Scale off-roaders and buggy fanatics all need to be aware of what Tamiya offers for body sets, so we took the time to scour through the Tamiya website to find some of our favorites to show off.

Toyota FJ Cruiser Body Set
ITEM# 51560

A true favorite for the off-road crowd, the Toyota FJ Cruiser has been replicated in a lightweight lexan shell. This body set is designed to fit the Tamiya CC-01 and CR-01 chassis platforms, but of course can be adapted to other vehicles with some custom work. This set includes molded parts to recreate the grille, light cover and spare tire case as well as stickers to recreate markings, plus masking stickers for use when painting. Increase the scale factor by using LED units that are separately sold.
Compatible with CC-01 chassis- 267mm wheelbase
Length: 17″ (432mm)
Width: 7.5″ (190mm)
Height: 5.1″ (129mm)

Ford Bronco Body Set
ITEM# 51388

Take a look at this classic replica. This is the 1/10 scale ’73 Ford Bronco Body Parts Set that was designed for use on the CR-01 chassis, but has been adapted for use on other rigs by many builders. The Polycarbonate body captures the famous form of the Ford Bronco and the set includes a metal plated grille and side mirrors are included. Also included is a decal sheet, window masking set and mounting hardware.
Length: 390mm (15.3″)
Width: 189mm (7.4″)
Height: 142mm (5.6″)

Mercedes Unimog Body Set
ITEM# 51358

We’ve seen plenty of custom builds based on the Tamiya Mercedes Unimog body set. The polycarbonate body and sub body precisely capture the unique form of the Unimog. This body set includes black photo-etched parts for the mirrors, metal plated front grille and light cases. Stickers and masks for Unimog are included along with instructions and mounting hardware. The Unimog can be fitted with separately available TLU-01 LED Light Control Unit (Item 53909).
Length: 15-1/4″ (427mm)
Width: 7″ (190mm) at center
Height: 6-1/4″ (95mm) top of cab
Height: 3-1/4″ ( mm) top of bed
Sub Body-
Length: 9-1/4″ (184mm)
Width: 5-1/8″ (22mm)
Height: 1″ (22mm) at highest point

Toyota Land – Cruiser 40 RC Body Parts Set
ITEM# 51331

A true off-road journey vehicle! Tamiya has expertly replicated in 1/10-scale, the Toyota Land Cruiser 40 body kit for the CR-01. This body is made from clear Lexan, with protective overspray coating on outside featuring detailed cut lines, including wheel wells and recessed body panel lines for realistic appearance. What also stands out on this body shell is the detailed molding of headlights, grille, air intakes, door handles and tail lights.
Length: 14.9″ (378mm)
Width: 7.3″ (185mm) at front wheels
Width: 7.4″ (188mm) at rear wheels
Height: 6.5″ (165mm) at highest point

Sand Scorcher 2010 Body Set
ITEM# 51406

Rule, the dunes and the off-road terrain with your own custom 1/10 Scale Sand Scorcher Racing Buggy Body. Unlike the lexan bodies we’ve featured, this is molded white plastic construction with separately molded parts for windows, driver, exhausts and side mirrors. Included in the Sand Scorcher body set is a decal set to further enhance the look.
Length: 337mm (13.3″)
Width: 185mm (7.3″)
Height: 125mm (4.9″)

Buggy Champ Body Set
ITEM# 51386

The Tamiya Buggy Champ 2009 distinct body shape is reproduced in a durable white plastic shell. As you would expect from a Tamiya body kit, it comes with screws & nuts, stickers, and two extra lights for the body. Also included in the body set are two metal body mount plates, driver torso, instrument panel and full-color decal sheet
Length: 14.4″ (365mm)
Width: 5.9″ (151mm) ahead of rear wheels (widest point)
2.2″ (57mm) ahead of front wheels (narrowest point)
Height: 4″ (102mm)


Tamiya proves over and over again they are masters of recreating the factory look of full-scale vehicles and that enables you to recreate the car or truck of your dreams in radio control form. In this article we focused on Tamiya’s off-road offerings, but their  body sets extend into on-road as well. Looking for the pefect body for your RC project? See what Tamiya has to offer: HERE



Tamiya XB

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