Saturday, April 13, 2024

Performance LiPo Power – MaxAmps Traxxas TRX4 Battery Test

So you just spent some cash on the new Traxxas TRX-4, so it’s obvious that you’re serious about your off-roading adventures. Many that invest in a good RC vehicle also want to invest in good support equipment as well. That is when many turn to MaxAmps.com for their battery needs. MaxAmps offers lots of batteries for a variety of vehicles and they’ve recently added the TRX-4 to their website. When searching for TRX-4 packs on the MaxAmps site, you’ll find a bunch of offerings on the dedicated MaxAmps Traxxas TRX4 Battery page. We were able to secure two of their popular packs to try out in our own TRX4. What makes MaxAmps.com packs special? The video breaks it down.

Batteries Shown-
LiPo 6500 2S 7.4v Dual Core Battery Pack- $129.99
5450 11.1v 3S Lipo Battery- $154.99
Link: https://www.maxamps.com/

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