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MYLAPS RC4 Pro Transponder – RCD Today Blog 10-4-18

If you’re an RC racer, you’ll most likely need your own transponder. If you’re not in the racer know, a transponder is a small electronic device that you plug into your receiver in your car to power it and it transmits a signal to a wire buried in the track that will go to the scoring system to count your laps and time. Years ago racers shared the tracks transponders, but over time MYLAPS started to offer personal transponders. This eventually phased out the track transponders and having your own transponder became mandatory. MYLAPS has continued development on transponders and what you see here is the latest generation of personal transponders for RC use, the RC4 Pro. The Pro is 25% smaller than the RC4, features an 8 cm / 3.15 in cable, weighs only 3 grams and is molded with a black case. It mounts to the car simply with some two sided tape. Although we don’t get to race as much as we used to, we still want to stay current when we do hit the track, so we added one to our race stable. We took some time to check out the MYLAPS RC4 Pro today and of course grabbed some pictures for the RCD Today Blog.

Our RC4 Pro came nicely packaged, we almost hate to throw out the box.

There is the new RC4 Pro Transponder and a quick start sheet. It’s a good idea to take a look at the instructions so you know how to identify the signal wire and properly plug it into your receiver.

We’ve been using the RC3 Transponder for a long time. We actually never had a standard RC4. As you can see the new Pro is much smaller than the RC3 and is also smaller than the standard RC4. It’s also all black now for a stealthy look when installed in your vehicle. The wire lead is nice and short for a clean installation. We even like the additional shrink wrap to keep the wires tidy.

Here is the RC4 Pro installed in a Team Associated B64 Club Racer so you get a feel for its size. The one thing we did note about the transponder is its lead wires are very stiff. If you bend the wire at a perfect right angle, it will stay bent at a right angle. This is probably good if the transponder stays in one car, but we’re wondering how it will hold up or look if the wire is reconfigured to fit in various cars often. Time will tell. But overall, this new tiny transponder is pretty dialed. Makes us want to go hit the track this weekend for some laps!

For more information, visit MYLAPS: HERE

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