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New Kyosho Inferno MP10e 1/8-scale electric buggy

A hot electric 1/8-scale buggy hits the market based on the proven Kyosho MP10 model. Here is the new Kyosho Inferno MP10e that will surely be a force to be reckoned with out on the track.

New Kyosho Inferno MP10e 1/8-scale electric buggy


With eight titles at the IFMAR (International Federation of Model Auto Racing) 1/8-scale engine racing buggy World Championships, the Inferno series boasts an unrivaled record of success. Based on the most advanced MP10 model, an electric power unit has transformed this machine to create the new MP10e! Evolution of electric motor and battery technology has delivered speed comparable with engine (GP) models so 1/8 electric racing buggies have become a competition class around the world.

New Kyosho Inferno MP10e 1/8-scale electric buggyAs various manufacturers adapted 1/8 models for competition, Kyosho optimized the weight distribution to enhance the MP10e far beyond the performance of the MP9e Evo. Boasting the performance and reliability of the MP10’s proven suspension and drive system, the MP10e features a specially designed main chassis that provides optimal chassis flex and sure-footed grip. Is equipped with an aerodynamic body designed for e-buggies to deliver easy handling at high-speed. The motor mount is compatible with various size motors and supports the left-right weight distribution of the battery. Specially designed receiver box and ESC mount offer easy maintenance.


New layout design arranges the batteries on both sides of the chassis with the motor mounted on the front midship. Even left-right distribution of battery weight reduces roll speed through corners to improve control. Simultaneously, forward mounting of the motor shifts the center of gravity to the front and combines with the proven undercarriage to maintain control stability, especially over gaps.

The suspension system shares components with the MP10 GP model. Toughness and reliability combine with suspension geometry optimized to extract the best tire performance from the MP10e under hard racing conditions. Superior road holding is achieved, even with the weight of the MP10e.

Durable hard anodized aluminum main chassis offers the optimal amount of flex and mechanical grip required for high-performance by RC cars.

Center bulkhead features an integrated slide-style motor mount that adapts to different size motors while also allowing easy backlash adjustment and installation.

ESC (speed controller) is attached via a dedicated mount that is fixed to the chassis with screws, which makes it easier to attach/detach for ease of maintenance while being more secure than conventional double-sided tape mounting. Compatible with numerous brands of ESCs.

Batteries mounted on left and right sides are securely held with hook and loop fasteners. This allows batteries to be easily attached/detached and provides compatibility with various battery sizes.New Kyosho Inferno MP10e 1/8-scale electric buggy





Length: 19.29 in. (490mm)
Width: 12.09 in. (307mm)
Height: 7.09 in., (180mm)
Wheelbase: 12.80 in., (325mm)
Weight(approx.): 8lb. (3,650g)
Gear Ratio: 10.87:1 / Pinion 14T

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