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New Traxxas Maxx Freestyle Fantasy Video

Just uploaded is a new Traxxas Maxx freestyle fantasy video to watch. If you are not familiar with the Traxxas Maxx, go and watch the video and you will be hooked and will want to learn more about this awesome truck.

New Traxxas Maxx Freestyle Fantasy Video

About the Traxxas Maxx

The Traxxas Maxx changes the face of RC monster trucks by packing X-Maxx speed, toughness, and strength into a more convenient size. Built on a chassis carved from pure muscle, the Traxxas Maxx redefines what’s possible in 1/10 scale RC. Maxx ratchets up the fun as it takes to the air in this ultimate skate park freestyle session video.

RC Freestyle Fantasy / Traxxas Maxx Video

Performance Accessories

Maxx comes fully loaded and ready for fun right out of the box, but for those power-hungry fans who crave a little more, Maxx offers a full line of performance accessories. Improve your high-speed cornering stability by installing the new WideMaxx suspension kit or add a set of steel CV driveshafts for truly insane power-handling capability. There’s an LED light kit for night running, aluminum suspension upgrades, colorful TUBES toe links and dozens of other high-performance parts.

New Traxxas Maxx Freestyle Fantasy Video

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