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Tips from MaxAmps to combat the quarantine blues

This is from our friends over at MaxAmps and we wanted to share because we are sure that we could all use some fun distractions during these tough times. Here are tips from MaxAmps to combat the quarantine blues.

Tips from MaxAmps to combat the quarantine blues


From MaxAmps:


We want to thank all of you, our MaxAmps customers, for all of your support over the years. We know life is complicated at the moment and being stuck at home isn’t how any of us want to spend our time, but since we are stuck at home, we need to find ways to have a good time.

You could spend some time in the backyard building a crawler course, race track, set up time trials, demolition derby, or just bash around. Now would also be a great time to join the MaxAmps NitroKillers RC Speed Club. Receive exclusive gear not available for purchase and earn a place on our wall. For details on this CLICK HERE.

To stave off that boredom we would would like to provide a 10% discount on any purchases made for the rest of March. Simply use code “QUARANTINED” at checkout and save. Pull out that old RC car, replace that spur gear you bought but never installed, and pick up a set of new battery packs.

For more information, visit: MAXAMPS

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