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Pro-Line Pro-Fusion SC 4×4 Bag F Build – RCD Today Blog 1-21-19

Next up in our Pro-Line Pro-Fusion SC 4×4 build is Bag E. This bag contains the bumpers, swaybars and all of the hardware you need for installation. Just be aware that when you are building this bag that the bumper included is for the MT. You’ll have to look in the chassis bag to find the SC style bumper. It’s pretty cool that the include the MT bumper in case you ever want to use it. Let’s build.

Product Pro-Fusion SC 4×4
Part Number: 4006-00
Price: $399.99
Link To Buy: http://bit.ly/2H3WrYw Use Code RCDRIVER10 to save 10% on your entire Pro-Line order at checkout.

We’re starting off by prepparing the included swaybars. The swaybars are often an option purchase for many RC kits, but standard equipment here. The plastic collars help center the swaybars when they are installed. It’s a good idea to measure them to make sure they’re centered. When installing the metal ball ends on the tips of the swaybars, make sure to use threadlock on the setscrews.

Here the front swaybar is installed and the cap/ bumper support has been mounted in postion. A small set-screw in the top of the support pushes on the swaybar so it doesn’t flop around in it’s large channel. This screw should just touch the bar, but it should rotate freely.

Next up install the skid with the provided hardware and screw the swaybar pivot ball into the arm.

Now you can snap the short swaybar links in place using a pair of pleirs.

The rear swaybar mounts in front of the gearbox using two caps to secure it. These caps have set-screws too, to take up any slop in the swaybar channel.

Use the longer swaybar links to secure the rear bar to the arms. We noticed that the swaybar wire should only go half way into the metal ball and for proper operation. If the wire is flush with the end of the pivot ball, the link may pop off.

Rear skid, bumper and top bumper support installed.

Here is the front SC bumper bar installed.

BAG F Finished!

That was a quick and easy bag to install on the chassis. The truck is shaping up!

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