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Pro-Line Product Releases for January

Time to show the hot new Pro-Line Product Releases for January. This time around we have eight new products from the crew at Pro-Line. Read on to find out which products are the ones that make it onto your gotta-get list.

Pro-Line Product Releases for January

Badlands MX38 HP 3.8″ All Terrain Belted Monster Truck Tires Mounted—10166-10


This is a pair of pre-mounted Badlands MX38 HP 3.8″ Belted Monster Truck Tires. Pro-Line is taking the 3.8″ tire game to the next level with the Baddest tire ever conceived: the Badlands MX38 HP BELTED tires! Pro-Line Badlands tires are known for having a sweet Motocross inspired tread and the all-new Badlands MX38 HP tires kick that up a notch with Bigger and Bolder knobby tread. The Badlands MX38 is a true All-Terrain tire that will find traction on any surface but is best suited for loose & loamy dirt, mud or grass. Just imagine your truck throwing up huge rooster tails with these awesome looking tires!

Pro-Line Product Releases for January

Pro-Line has developed the technology to mold a High-Performance herringbone weave pattern Belt inside of the Badlands MX38 HP tires that will prevent the tire from ballooning or expanding during use. This will give you maximum control to put the power down even at high speeds! The Badlands MX38 HP 3.8″ tires provide the incredible grip that you expect from Pro-Line due to the soft M2 compound and the aggressive Motocross inspired tread. Pro-Line also heard the calls for a new tire size to fit the current generation of Monster Trucks and the all new MX38 HP delivers at 3.48″ wide and 6.8″ tall. Just like all of Pro-Line’s tires, they are proudly Made in the USA!

Pro-Line Product Releases for January

The new Belted Badlands MX38 HP 3.8″ tires come Pre-Mounted on the next generation 3.8″ wheel design from Pro-Line, the Raid 3.8″ Removable Hex Wheel! Imagine being able to replace a damaged wheel hex without needing to replace your glued tires! These new Raid 3.8″ wheels make this possible by using a unique 8×32 interlocking hex design that is secured to the wheel by 8 M3 screws that are spaced 32mm across. The hexes are included and are also available separately (6345-00). The built-in adjustability and ease of use make this a new must-have wheel for backyard bashers everywhere!

Jeep Gladiator Clear Body—3542-00

Pro-Line Product Releases for January

This is a Jeep Gladiator Clear Body for SC and MT. Calling all Jeep fans! Pro-Line is proud to release the all-new Jeep Gladiator Rubicon body for your favorite Short Course and Monster Trucks! The Gladiator combines the iconic and unmistakable Jeep body styling with the utility and ruggedness of a truck that tells everyone that you are ready for adventure. Pro-Line has included all the scale Jeep Gladiator detail you would expect into the body and sticker sheet that will completely transform the look of your truck. The 1-piece Jeep Gladiator body comes clear, so you can customize the look of your truck in any way you desire! This body is destined to become a must have for your Short Course or Monster Truck.

Axis Light Weight Clear Body—3545-25

Pro-Line Product Releases for January

This is an Axis Light Weight Clear Body for TLR 22X-4. Introducing the all new Axis series of race bodies for 1:10 buggy, a clean-sheet design from Pro-Line bringing a fresh new look to the class.
Designed with the latest in CAD technology, the Axis features a super low-slung design with sharp lines throughout giving it an unmistakable look on the track. The Axis features a cab-forward design which provides enhanced steering response while the small side fins balances out the rear of the car with ideal side-bite. The rear of the Axis body is super low and fits the chassis and bulkhead shape of your race buggy perfectly.

Proudly Made in the USA, the Axis is made from light weight polycarbonate material that will give you an edge over the competition. Included with the body are two Air Force II 6.5″ rear wings, paint-then-peel overspray film, window masks and Pro-Line decals.

Big Bore Scaler Shocks (90mm-95mm)—6343-00

This a pair of Big Bore Scaler Shocks. Pro-Line is proud to announce the next generation of RC Shock Technology with our all-new Big Bore Scaler Shocks! The large (nearly 11mm) bore allows the Big Bore Shocks to function correctly as true performance shocks due to the larger oil volume in the shock body. The new Shocks feature CNC machined Aluminum Shock Caps, Collars, Bodies, Bottom Caps, and Hard Chrome Coated Steel Shock Shafts all made to exacting tolerances. X-Ring seals (6343-01 for replacements) are used as the main shaft seal for smooth, low friction action and to prevent leaks.

The new Big Bores are meant to stand out from the crowd with Chrome and Black anodizing and a large P-L logo engraved into the shock cap that will look good on any rig. Pro-Line also engineered an all-new dual-rate spring design made from a single spring that saves space and has incredible scale looks and performance. Optional softer and firmer dual-rate springs are available in the Big Bore Scaler Shock Spring Assortment (6343-02). The lower spring perch is captured, so you always know it will stay where it belongs during your adventures! From the top mounting hole to the bottom mounting hole, these Big Bore Scaler Shocks measure out to be 90mm at full extended length and collapse down to about 64mm (when the rubber bump stop is removed) and they include extra 5mm longer Shock Ends to increase the shock length! Just like Pro-Line’s extremely popular Pro-Spec Scaler Shocks, the Big Bores come mostly pre-built (just add oil) and are designed to fit many popular crawler vehicles.

Big Bore Scaler Shock Rebuild Kit—6343-01

Pro-Line Product Releases for January

This is a Rebuild Kit for the Big Bore Scaler Shocks. Do you need replacement X-Rings, O-Rings and Plastic parts for your Pro-Line Big Bore Scaler Shocks? Then you came to the right place! This rebuild kit includes enough seals and plastic parts to rebuild two Big Bore Scaler Shocks.

Big Bore Scaler Shock Spring Assortment—6343-02

Pro-Line Product Releases for January

This is a Spring Assortment Pack for the Big Bore Scaler Shocks. Do you want softer or firmer springs for your Pro-Line Big Bore Scaler Shocks? Then you came to the right place! This Spring Assortment pack includes a pair of Blue Dual-Rate Springs that are softer than stock and a pair of Red Dual-Rate Springs that are firmer than stock. Dial in your Big Bore Scaler Shocks with this Spring Assortment pack today!

Hole Shot 3.0 2.2″ Buggy Rear Tires—8282-02

This is a pair of Hole Shot 3.0 2.2″ Buggy Rear Tires. The Hole Shot 2.0 is the tire that everyone turns to when looking for an edge over the competition because it just works, everywhere. Period. The Hole Shot 2.0 is renowned across the world as one of the most used race tires of all time. From World Championships to National Championships, Regional race events to club race events, the Hole Shot 2.0 design has won just about every title imaginable. Pro-Line’s innovation team is proud to bring you the Hole Shot 3.0 featuring the latest generation race tire carcass for maximum performance combined with longer lasting waterproof closed cell foam included. The unique mini-pin Hole Shot design has remained virtually unchanged since it has already proven to provide the optimum level of traction in dusty, hard-packed and grooved conditions.

8×32 to 20mm Aluminum Hex Adapters—6357-00

This is a pair of 8×32 to 20mm Aluminum Hex Adapters. Do you want to run Pro-Line 3.8″ Raid 8×32 Removable Hex Wheels and Tires on your Super Rock Rey and other 20mm hex vehicles? Then you came to the right place! This pack contains a pair of 20mm Hexes made from clear anodized Aluminum for your 8×32 3.8″ wheels. These Aluminum Hex Adapters are proudly Made in the USA and also make your wheels look incredibly impressive.


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