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Pro-Line Racing Pro-MT


ProMT Box

Pro-Line pretty much shocked the RC community when they released the Pro-2 Short Course truck. This RC accessory giant made the leap into offering car kits and the Pro-2 is a pretty impressive machine for those who want the best of all worlds in a short course truck, bashing and racing. Then Pro-Line stepped it up again by offering a buggy version of the Pro-2 and now a third machine off the Pro platform has been released and this one is sure to be a favorite among those who want pure quality in the bashing world. We have the Pro-MT 2WD 1/10 electric monster truck in our hands and like Pro-Line’s other kits this has to be built, too. But this isn’t just any build; parts of the truck are already assembled. If you have your eye on the Pro-MT, you’ll want to see what’s inside this truck.

Well, I feel a bit odd, the Pro-MT goes together like a dream, so I don’t have any ‘watch this’ or ‘modify that’ suggestions. But here are a few tips just to keep in mind as you go along. If for some reason you miss all four red tags on the shocks, saying fill them with oil… uh, fill them with oil. The sliding CV shafts should get a light coating of grease on the slider splines. Don’t go to crazy with the grease, just a light coat will do. And finally pick up a good servo arm, preferably an aluminum servo arm. The kit does not come with an arm and a plastic servo horn is typically supplied with the servo, but I suggest going aluminum for better durability.

The Pro-Line Racing Pro-MT build was awesome and quick. All the parts are top quality and what came prebuilt from the factory was perfect. While building the kit, all that came to mind, is that this is truly a high quality kit. The design work is top notch, the right materials are used in the right places, there are plenty of parts that are typically bought as aftermarket that are stock on the Pro-MT. If you were thinking about building a 2WD MT from the ground up, skip the hassle and go with a Pro-MT. Look for the full review of the Pro-Line Racing Pro-MT in the March 2015 issue of RC Driver magazine.

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