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Pro-Line – The Aftermarket Shock Specialists


Pro-Line – The Aftermarket Shock Specialists… Many RC enthusiasts spend a lot of time looking for the best power system to give them the speeds and throttle performance they are looking for. Yes, driving an RC car is certainly about the rush and thrill of speed, but many often overlook the critical part of getting the power to the ground with control and handling. Pro-Line has seen the need for better suspension and has developed some of the best aftermarket shocks you can find for all types of rc machines from trail trucks to big RC monsters. Here we’ll take a look at everything they offer so if you’re in the market for improving your RC vehicles suspension, you know what the accessory guru’s at Pro-Line has available.



Pro-Line has done their homework to engineer the next generation of RC shock technology and has released the Pro-Spec Scaler Shocks. These Shocks feature CNC machined Aluminum Shock Caps, Collars, Bodies, Bottom Caps and Hard Chrome Coated Steel Shock Shafts all made to precision tolerances. X-Ring seals which are becoming the go to seal are used as the main shaft seal for smooth, low friction action and to prevent leaks. Just like Pro-Line’s other Pro-Spec Shocks, the new Scalers are meant to stand out with bright Chrome and Blue anodizing. The Pro-Spec Scaler Shocks are available in several lengths to fit most applications and they include extra 5mm longer Shock Ends to increase the shock length. Just like Pro-Line’s extremely popular PowerStroke Shocks, the Pro-Spec Scaler Shocks come mostly pre-built (just add oil) and are designed to fit on many popular crawler vehicles. They also include Scale looking and performing Dual Rate Springs or optional Single Rate springs. These shocks are perfect for super scale rigs.

-Pre-Assembled, Just Fill and Go
-Single Low Friction X-Ring Seal
-CNC Machined Parts
-Optional +5mm Shock Ends Included
Hard Chrome Coated Shock Shaft
-Bright Chrome and Blue Anodizing
-Dual Rate Springs or Optional Single Rate Springs Included

Pro-Spec Scaler Shocks (105mm-110mm)
for 1:10 Rock Crawlers Front or Rear
Product ID : 6316-02

Pro-Spec Scaler Shocks (90mm-95mm)
for 1:10 Rock Crawlers Front or Rear
Product ID : 6316-01

Pro-Spec Scaler Shocks (70mm-75mm)
for 1:10 Rock Crawlers Front or Rear
Product ID : 6316-00

Ultra Reservoir Shocks

For those looking for a scale looking, yet built for performance shock, the Ultra Reservoir Shocks may be the right shock for you. These shocks feature a fully functioning Reservoir with a realistic divider piston and set screw for adjusting the shock rebound. The Aluminum Shock Cap, Shock Body, Reservoir, Bottom Caps, Spring Perch, Shock End and Steel Shock Shaft have all been CNC machined to exacting tolerances to achieve the highest quality shock imaginable and have been designed with Scale Realism in mind. X-Ring seals are used for both the main shaft seal and the divider piston for the smoothest and lowest friction seal possible for these 9mm bore shocks. From the top mounting hole to the bottom mounting hole the Ultra Reservoir Shocks measure out to be 105mm at full extended length and collapse down to 75mm for a full 30mm of shock travel! The extended length of the shock can be lengthened by unscrewing the rod end by a few turns or it can be reduced by adding limiters inside the shock underneath the piston. Just like Pro-Line’s extremely popular PowerStroke Shocks, the Ultra Reservoir Shocks feature Dual Rate Springs but these shocks come with an extra collar so you can adjust exactly where the dual rate springs transitions to single rate, similar to full scale shocks! Smaller hole pistons are also included for added tuning options. The top and bottom shock eyelets are pressed into plastic inserts for smooth and free pivot action. The Ultra Reservoir Shocks come mostly pre-built and do require oil to be installed by the user.

-Scale Shock Appearance & Performance
-Real working Reservoir Shock System
-Precision CNC Machined Parts
-Performance X-Ring Seals
-9mm Bore, 105mm Extended Length, 75mm Collapsed Length
-Dual Rate Springs
-Pro-Line P-L Laser Etched Logo

Ultra Reservoir Shocks (105mm)
for Rock Racers & Crawlers Front or Rear
Product ID : 6288-00

PowerStroke Scaler Shocks 

For those who have been on the scale scene for a while, you’ll probably recognize these shocks right away. These are Pro-Line’s PowerStroke Scaler Shocks. These shocks are have been a go-to shock for the detail driven, feature frenzy, and performance-minded builder. The PowerStroke Performance Scaler Shocks from Pro-Line look like their popular 1/10 shock that many bashers turn to for performance. These shocks have aluminum bodies, caps, are oil filled and perform better than just about any stock scaler shock out there.

-Aluminum body and shock cap
-Infinite spring pre-load adjustment
-True dual-stage spring rate. (Single stage spring also included)
-Beefy 3.5mm shock shafts
-Injection molded, super durable spring retainer and shock ends
-O-Ring sealed shock cap
-Free flow molded pistons
-Dual O-ring seats and upper and lower shock shaft guides
-95mm maximum shock length achieved with included optional shock ends
-Pre-assembled – just add oil!

PowerStroke Scaler Shocks (90mm-95mm)
for SCX-10 or 1:10 scale build Rock Crawlers
Product ID : 6060-00


Pro-Spec Shocks

The next generation of Pro-Line Shock Technology is available; Pro-Line Pro-Spec Shocks! These shocks are Pre-Assembled, just fill with your choice of shock oil (not included). Every last detail has been refined to give you the best performing and best looking Shocks ever made. The Pro-Spec Shocks are a 12mm Big Bore design with a Single Low Friction X-Ring Seal. The Pistons and Shaft Guides are made from Silky Smooth White Delrin for Low Stiction and the 3.5mm thick Shock Shaft is Hard Chrome Coated, just like full scale racing shocks. The Pro-Spec Shocks feature an easy access Bleeder Cap Screw for consistent shock builds every time. Each pair of Pro-Spec Shocks includes 3 different piston options (1.4, 1.6 & 1.8) and a blank piston for drilling to a custom size. Custom Shock Tightening Tools and optional shock limiters are also included. Optional Pro-Spec Springs are available separately. Upper and lower shock pivot balls are included so you can fit a wider range of vehicles right out of the box.

-Smoothest Shocks Pro-Line has ever made
-Pre-Assembled, Just Fill and Go
-12mm Big Bore Technology
-Single Low Friction X-Ring Seal
-Smooth White Delrin Shaft Guides and Pistons
-Optional Pistons and Limiters Included
-Easy Access Bleeder Cap Screw
-Hard Chrome Coated 3.5mm Shock Shaft
-Optional Spring Rates available separately

Pro-Spec Shocks (Front)
for Short Course Trucks Front
Product ID : 6308-00

Pro-Spec Shocks (Rear)
for Short Course Trucks Rear
Product ID : 6308-01

Pre-Assembled Pro-Spec Shocks (Rear)
for Short Course Rear
Product ID : 6308-31

Pre-Assembled Pro-Spec Shocks (Front)
for Short Course Front
Product ID : 6308-30


Power Stroke Shocks

Shown here are a pair of PowerStroke Short Course Shocks. Enhance the overall performance of your stock Slash and Slash 4X4, ProTrac Suspension Kit Slash, or other SC or 1/10 Monster Truck with PowerStroke Shocks. Aluminum shock body and cap and beefy 3.5mm shafts make this Powerstroke Shock kit one of the most important SC upgrades available on the market. If you are going to select one performance upgrade for your Short Course truck we recommend the Pro-Line PowerStroke SC Shocks! Whether you are looking for the best set up for your local track or bashing around your back yard, these Pro-Line PowerStroke Short Course Shocks will assure you have the best performance and a great time!

-Aluminum body and shock cap
-Infinite spring pre-load adjustment
-Rebuild your shocks with the 6063-02 Rebuild Kit
-Beefy 3.5mm shock shafts
-Injection molded, super durable spring retainer and shock ends
-Bladder sealed shock cap
-Free flow molded pistons
-Dual O-ring seats and upper and lower shock shaft guides
-Pre-assembled just add oil!

Power Stroke Shocks (Rear)
for Pro-Line PRO-2 SC, Slash 2wd/4X4 (Rear). Other Kits Including Yeti Front…
Product ID : 6063-01

Power Stroke Shocks (Front)
for Pro-Line PRO-2 SC, Slash 2wd/4X4 and Many Others with Universal Adapters…
Product ID : 6063-00


Ultra Reservoir Shock X-MAXX Cap

Pro-Line’s Ultra Reservoir Shock Caps that fit directly onto the stock X-MAXX shocks and transform them into fully functional Reservoir Shocks! The additional Reservoir provides more oil volume to your X-MAXX shocks which results in cooler shock temps and improved shock consistency. The Reservoir Piston compensates for the volume of the Shock Shaft delivering Plush Performance over small bumps and large jumps just like full-scale shocks! The included Shock Cap, Reservoir, Piston and Bottom Cap have all been expertly CNC machined out of high grade Aluminum to exacting specifications to meet the demands of the enormous X-MAXX. The included O-Rings provide the sealing you need and Delrin upper Pivot Balls are included for optimum performance. Transform the Performance of your X-MAXX – Get Pro-Line’s Ultra Reservoir Shock Caps now!

-Fully Functional Reservoir Shocks
-Fits Stock X-MAXX Shock Bodies
-Increased Oil Volume = Improved Shock Consistency
-Plush Performance on Big Jumps & Small Bumps
-Expertly CNC Machined Performance
-Shock Cap, Reservoir, Piston and Bottom Cap made from High Grade Aluminum
-Includes all necessary O-Rings & Hardware

Ultra Reservoir Shock Cap
for X-MAXX
Product ID : 6293-00



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