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ProBoat Recoil 2 Shreddy Edition Overview

If you’re hunting for a fun easy to use RC Boat in 2022 then you’re in the right spot! We have the new ProBoat Recoil 2 found here: https://bit.ly/3tVGw4r and it’s an exciting release loaded with features for a great boat experience. The Recoil 2 is a deep-vee brushless RC boat that comes in two lieveries and in our opinion looks way better than its predecessor. Everything is in the box to get this going, even the batteries and charger. The kit boasts speeds of 35mph plus and has a cool feature to help it self-right. Get all the details you need to know right here in this quick overview!

ProBoat Recoil 2 Shreddy Version
By: Horizon Hobby
Part Number: PRB08041
Type: 26” Brushless Ready To Run Deep Vee
Price: $369.99
Buy: https://bit.ly/3tVGw4r
You’ll need: Nothing! Well… a USB port and a pond
Visit: https://bit.ly/3bnM8Oz

Our Youtube Review: CLICK HERE


The new Recoil 2 has a sweet look; two looks actually. It’s avaiable with custom Shreddy graphics like you see here or there is a Heatwave version. Both are licensed. Inside the box, you’ll find the assembled boat, radio, battery, charger and some AA’s. Everything you need to go RC Boating in one box. The boat looks great and built well from the factory. The instruction manual will walk you through getting this boat up and running if it’s your first RC watercraft.


The hull is a 26″ deep-vee which is great for all kinds of water conditions from smooth to rough. It’s an ABS hull that is painted to match the liveries. Just be careful not to run it up on rock so you don’t scratch it. The hatch screws on and has a foam seal. There’s foam floatation inside the boat just in case. Inside a foam padded battery tray has a velcro strap to secure the battery.


Lots of aluminum can be found on the transom! There’s an aluminum trim-tab turn-fin combo. Aluminum strut and mount, aluminum rudder and bracket and even an aluminum prop! Inside there is a center brace that the electronics mount to which makes taking parts out if necessary much easier, plus it make the hull rigid. The motor mount is aluminum and it has a standard flex shaft and collet set-up.


Take a look at that 2300kV outrunner motor! Pretty cool right? And it’s fitted with a weight to help the boat self-right by just blipping the throttle. There is also a standard servo with large horn for steering and a Spektrum 100Amp water cooled marine ESC. Everything is nicely wired and ready to go!


We’ll tease you that this boat is a blast on the water! It is quick and hits its advertised speed of 35mph. The self-righting works as advertised and it throws a serious roost out the back. You can see our full review on our Youtube Channel: CLICK HERE

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