Friday, February 3, 2023

Project RCD Jallopy Part 2

Project Jallopy Parts

It’s Part 2 time of the Project RCD Jallopy build and we’re going to find and build the rear end of the machine from our pile of extra parts. Transmission case, gears, bearings… everything seems to be here, lets get to work.

Jallopy Diff

DIFF ASSEMBLY: The heart of the transmission is the differential and the stock Traxxas Slash diff works well. Luckily we had a new spare diff in our collection so we assembled it using Grim Racer Speed Grease. Sure its a grease marketed to boaters but Project Jallopy doesn’t care, its just lucky its getting grease at all!

Jallopy tranny internals

TRANSMISSION ASSEMBLY: A RPM Transmission Housing upgrade is awesome for any 2wd Traxxas truck and makes a great addition to our Jallopy build. We filled the case with stock Traxxas transmission gears and metal shielded bearings.

Jallopy Assembled Tranny

HOUSING ASSEMBLED: We just wanted to show off one of the many cool factors of the RPM Housing, the aluminum motor plate that lets the motor dissipate heat as well as provides a true mounting surface for the motor which will help the pinion and spur stay aligned while you’re bashing your vehicle.

Jallopy Tranny Installed

TRANSMISSION INSTALLED: With the transmission housing together, it was time to assemble the rear end of the Jallopy. First the separate arm mounts from RPM’s transmission kit was bolted to a STRC aluminum rear skid and then the tranny bolted to the plate. Then stock arms were mounted to the pivots with Pro-Line hinge pins. Next a stock shock tower was added and the complete assembly bolted to the Slash chassis.

Jallopy Suspension Parts

SUSPENSION PARTS: The rear shocks on our project are from HobbyKing as well to match the shocks we used in Part 1 of this build. The upper shock pivot needed to be installed with the step towards the front for the proper shock angle. The lower mount needed to be spaced out too. The Hubs and axles are from Tekno RC, but might get snagged for another project. Time will tell if we use them or not on the Jallopy.

Jallopy Body Mounts

BODY MOUNTS: What body should go on the Project RCD Jallopy? Hmm we still haven’t decided yet, but we did decide to install Pro-Line’s Extended Body Mounts with Secure-Loc Caps to hold down whatever body we choose at whatever height we need it to be. And that wraps up Part 2 of our build. Look out for Part 3 of Project RCD Jallopy where we finish up this build.



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