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ProTek R/C “Black Label” 370TBL Waterproof, Brushless Crawler Servo

ProTek RC - “Black Label” 370TBL Waterproof, Brushless Crawler Servo copy

ProTek R/C’s “Black Label” 370TBL Brushless Servo was specifically developed for demanding crawler applications. Heavy 2.2 rigs, U4 racers and 1.9 competition builds will benefit from the 650 oz-in of brute torque produced by the 370TBL. At 7.4V, the servo’s .13 transit speed is noticeably quick.

A machined, chamfered aluminum case doubles as a heat sink and is completely sealed. Run your rig through wet creek beds, when it’s drizzling outside or whomp it through puddles—it doesn’t matter—the ProTek R/C 370TBL is completely waterproof.

The ProTek 370TBL servo features an all steel-gear drivetrain that was in development for more than a year—abused and tested—to find exactly the right metallurgy. This is without a doubt ProTek’s toughest servo to date!


Ideal for any 1.9 to 2.2 Crawler application
Waterproof up to 1 meter
600 oz-in of torque @ 6.0V, and .135 transit speed
650 oz-in of torque @ 7.4V, and .13 transit speed
Brushless motor
High voltage circuitry
Full steel gears
Full aluminum black anodized heat sink case
Dual ball bearings
280mm servo lead

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