Thursday, May 30, 2024

RC Soldering Basics – What You Need + How To Solder Wires & Connectors

Having to solder wires and connectors is common in the radio control hobby. At some point you’ll probably want to upgrade your speed control or motor and find out, you’ll need soldering equipment to do so. Many run from this task in RC, but we’re here to show you it’s easy and anyone can do it with just a little practice. In this Get Into RC video, we’ll show you the equipment needed to solder and then walk you though a few examples of soldering wires and connectors.

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  1. Could’ve used this video a few weeks ago! But thanks for the extra tips. And all the awesome info. Keep it up guys.

  2. Knowing how to do soldering is important for this hobby. If you can do it, you can modify/replace your motor with ease. Having an appropriate motor is important for RC racing/crawling. It is especially true for RC professionals.

    • Being new to the hobby this past year I’ve had many questions because the more you learn the harder the questions get and videos like this just add to everything even if you consider yourself to be pretty good at most things it’s always a good idea to see how what I would consider a pro does it. I’ve got almost a dozen all types of RC now and have made many decisions based on RC drivers online presence. As always I thank you 😊

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