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RC4WD 1.55 Wheels & Tires For Project Tamiya MF-01X – RCD Today Blog 10-3-18

So a little while back while we were building up our Tamiya MF-01X G320 to be a better off-road machine, we ran into a bit of a snag. If you followed the Youtube Series HERE, you probably saw the tires were rubbing the body and the suspension didn’t have the appropriate travel. We had to set the project aside while we figured out what to do. One of the problems has been solved (at least we think) with the addition of some RC4WD rubber and rims. We picked up a full set of RC4WD Vapor 1.55 Beadlock wheels for the project. RC4WD’s Mickey Thompson 1.55 Baja MTZ scale tires will get mounted to the hoops. The beadlock wheels are beautifully machined and we think the style is just right for the G320. The tires too have a realistic offroad tread. Today we’re going to spend some of our free time assembling this wheel and tire combo.

Fresh tires and machined aluminum rims from RC4WD, ready to get mounted up!

RC4WD’s Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ tires look very scale and come with foam inserts. These are thheir Advanced X3 compound. Part: Z-T0058

These Vapor Beadlock wheels look great with their off-set spoke design and mini lug nuts that are actually bolts that hold the wheel hex insert in place. Part: Z-W0206.

With tiny rims comes tiny beadlock screws. Luckily we had this MIP 1.3mm hex driver that fits the hardware.

This was very cool to see, an additional set of holes drilled into the wheel in case you strip out a hole.

The tires went together nice and easily the bead set right into place on the face. The rear bead was tucked between the rim and ring and the rear place secured everything. This is a great looking combo. Can’t wait to get these on our G320.

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