Monday, April 22, 2024

Reedy 324-S Compact Balance Charger/LiPo Battery Combos

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Reedy’s 324-S AC/DC Compact Balance Charger is now available bundled with a choice of three popular WolfPack LiPo battery models!

They come with either a 2S, 3300mAh pack, 3S, 4500,Ah pack or a 4S, 4000mAh pack.  Charging is as simple as selecting your battery type and charge rate, and then connecting your battery. Once connected, the charging process begins automatically!

Charger Features

  • AC 100-240V power input
  • LiPo/LiFe compatible
  • 1A/2A/3A selectable charge rate
  • LED charge status indicators
  • 4mm output ports
  • T-plug charge lead included
  • Integrated XH-style balance ports
  • Reverse and short-circuit protection
  • Compact size

LiPo Battery Specifications:

Part #CapacityConfigurationCont. CurrentBurst CurrentWhDimensions (mm)Weight (g)
7512S 7.4V, 3300mAhRound / 12 gauge30C55C2524.5x47x139189.0
7553S 11.1V, 4500mAhStraight / 10 gauge35C65C5025.1x47x139320.0
7564S 14.8V, 4000mAhStraight / 12 gauge35C65C5936.6x47x139392.0

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