Monday, April 22, 2024

Reedy Zappers Hi-Voltage LiPo Batteries

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Reedy Zappers are back! Originally referring to Reedy’s proprietary NiMH voltage enhancement technology, Zappers perfectly describe Reedy’s new high-voltage LiPo battery chemistry. A 7.6 nominal voltage means that with a suitable charger, the battery can be safely charged to 8.7V (4.35V/cell). It is not a secret that more voltage equals more power, so there is no easier way to achieve a performance advantage than a higher charge voltage!

But even when the typical 8.4V (4.2V/cell) charging limit is enforced, the battery still offers a significant advantage thanks to a flatter discharge curve, which results in more voltage deeper into the race.

For those who race where approved batteries are required, 7.4V are available and feature the same discharge curve characteristics as the 7.6V versions.

A high quality, durable hard case helps prevent damage while heavy-duty 5mm socket connectors keeps power-robbing resistance to a minimum. Pass-through sockets reduce jumper wire lengths in applications where two batteries are utilized.

LiPo battery technology continues to progress and Reedy is proud to bring improved performance to the masses.


High-voltage chemistry
Flat discharge curve
Low-resistance 5mm pass-through sockets
2mm balance port
Durable hard case
Versions built to ROAR/EFRA/BRCA/IFMAR specs available

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