Friday, September 29, 2023

Robinson Racing goes Gen3 on the Vaterra Halix


RCD RRP Halix Gen3 Slipper

Robinson Racing Products, the masters of RC gearing and the makers of the popular Gen3 Slipper assembly available for many popular cars, has just sent us their latest Gen3 Slipper Unit which is designed specifically for the Vaterra Halix. RRP got wind that Halix owners who are pushing the limits on power with their 3S packs are looking for a gearing and slipper upgrade. RRP developed a combo that should be exactly what everyone is looking for. The combo comes with a black coated steel spur gear, new heavy-duty slipper pad, machined aluminum backplate, four cone washers, pinion gear, set-screw and reducer sleeve; everything you need to upgrade your pinion/ spur and slipper on the Halix. The gears are 32-pitch with a 58T spur and a 13T pinion. The combo looks awesome and we’re sure it’s up to RRP quality and ready to handle lots of power!



Robinson Racing

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