Saturday, May 25, 2024

Robinson Racing Products Slash Stampede 4×4 Steel Spur Gears

RRP Slash Stampede 4x4 Gears
New Robinson blackened steel spur gears for better durability.
Looking for a steel gear option for your Slash or Stampede 4×4? Then you just stumbled on the right news post. Robinson Racing Products have developed precision machined steel spurs for these popular Traxxas vehicles. The spurs are blackened steel and come in a 45T for more speed and a 50T or 54T that will accept the telemetry unit. New lock washers are provided with the gears too. RRP suggests using their extra hard pinions with these spurs; part 8711 thru 8725 and their reducer will be necessary with these pinions if you have a motor with a 1/8-shaft. We have a Stampede 4×4 project in the works that includes a power system upgrade so one of these gears will certainly be used to improve drivetrain durability, we can’t wait to drop it in!

Manufacturer: Robinson Racing
Part: Steel Spur
Fits: Stampede 4×4 of Slash 4×4
Part Numbers: 45T- 7945, 50T- 7950, 54T- 7954
Price: $19.50

Robinson Racing Products

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