Saturday, May 25, 2024

Robinson Racing SCX10/ SMT10 Spur Gear & Gen 3 Slipper Upgrades

Don’t let your play time get cut short with a stripped out gear. The gear pros at Robinson Racing Products have just released more gears for the AX10 style transmission found on the SCX10 and SMT10’s. New to the line up are some Gen 3 slipper options, a direct replacement steel spur gear, a new idler gear and in this video we even talk about a new set screw option for pinion gears. Part numbers and descriptions for each  Robinson Racing SCX10 gear can be found below.

Products Shown
3x3mm T-6 Screw Pack- #1006, $4.95
SCX10/SMT10 32P 56T Gen 3 Slipper Unit- #1546, $46.50
SCX10/SMT10 48P 87T Gen 3 Slipper Unit- #1557, $46.50
SCX10/SMT10 X-Hard 20T Input 20T Top Shaft Gear- #1547, $NA
SCX10/SMT10 Black Steel 56T Stock Replacement Gear- #1549, $26.50

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