Wednesday, June 19, 2024

RPM Mock Mirror Turbos To Boost Scale Detail

RPM Mock Mirror Turbos were just announced and are the perfect accessory to boost scale detail on your car or truck.

RPM Mock Mirror Turbos To Boost Scale Detail

RPM Mock Mirror Turbos To Boost Scale DetailYou’ve heard of twin turbos, but have you heard of mirror turbos? If not, you’re in for a treat. Mirror turbos take the lack of symmetry out of twin turbo set-ups by utilizing one clockwise rotating turbo and one counter-clockwise rotating unit. A mirror turbo set-up leaves the engine bay clean and balanced, unlike a standard twin turbo set-up.

RPM Mock Mirror Turbos To Boost Scale Detail

Now you can show off a mirror turbo system in your favorite 1/12 – 1/8 scale ride with a pair of RPM Mirror Turbos prominently perched on your hood. These RPM scale mirror turbos have a cool, recessed design yet protrude out of the hood far enough to show the detail that makes them unmistakable as anything other than turbos.

Each kit comes with both a left side and right side turbo unit. Each unit is a 4-piece design that includes a turbo, a base plate and lock plate. The final piece is selectable. RPM includes a pair of mock air filters and a separate pair of mock velocity stacks so you can opt for either a race or street set-up.

RPM Mirror Turbos are sold in a mixed color pallet. The turbos and velocity stacks are silver / chrome while the base plates, locks and air filters are black.


Alternate Set-Up Option: RPM Mirror Turbos may be bolted directly to the hood without the use of the recessed plate but shorter mounting screws would be necessary (not included).


For more information, visit: RPM

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