Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Schumacher Cougar LD3 2WD 1/10 Competition Off-Road Buggy

Announced this week is the new Schumacher Cougar LD3 2WD 1/10 competition off-road buggy.

Schumacher Cougar LD3 2WD 1/10 Competition Off-Road Buggy


The Cougar LD3 improves and refines Schumacher’s class leading 1/10 2WD racing buggy. It has already achieved numerous national and international race wins including an IFMAR World Championship Podium.

The LD3 is more durable, user friendly, lighter and even faster. With 3 different chassis specifications available it will excel on all track surfaces and in all conditions.

The LD3M is optimized for medium to high grip astro and carpet tracks, with the more forward motor position ‘Laydown’ transmission. The LD3D features a ‘Layback’ transmission which moves the motor 6mm more rearward, it works best on low grip dirt and wet astro tracks. The LD3S features the ‘Laydown’ transmission and lightweight parts for lower powered stock class racing.

For more information, visit: SCHUMACHER