Thursday, May 30, 2024

Serpent Medius X20FWD ’21 Carbon Touring Car

Announced this week is the new Serpent Medius X20FWD ’21 carbon 1/10-scale electric touring car. Serpent pushed its R&D team to create an improved version of its already successful X20FWD platform and the effort was clearly worth it.

Serpent Medius X20FWD ’21 Carbon Touring Car


Serpent Medius X20FWD ’21 Carbon Touring CarX20FWD ’21 improves on the very successful X20FWD touring car. The chassis is based on the popular mid motor design, using a light weight and strong 1-piece motor mount concept, without any interference between the front and rear chassis flex while still allowing center flex adjustability. The advantage for this style of design is to allow maximum flex capabilities without impacting the drivetrain, meaning smoother power delivery, more consistency and less chance of stripping spurs. And it uses the all new dual ball bearing DJC shafts and our new Steering hub allows adjustment of Axle height, offset and Roll center.

Serpent Medius X20FWD ’21 Carbon Touring Car



  • Serpent Medius X20FWD ’21 Carbon Touring CarSerpent Adjustable 50mm shock with 12mm oversize shock body.
  • Serpent Linear bigger bore springs.
  • Dampers include machined pistons for best possible consistency.
  • Traditional style ball raced LCG Anti-roll bar.
  • Pivot ball suspension with small balls for simplicity and free movement.
  • 4x style arm mount with adjustable castor.
  • Easy diff and spool removal.
  • Extremely low center of gravity.
  • All new steering system for Ackermann geometry.
  • Motor mount holder with adjustable flex.
  • Re-Active rear steering RRS system is standard.
  • 1-piece shaft and motor mount allow easy maintenance and changing of spur gears.
  • Same heave damper front and rear which is mounted below the diff/spool just above the chassis for the lowest possible center of gravity.Serpent Medius X20FWD ’21 Carbon Touring Car
  • Durable and smooth gear differential.
  • Battery mounting system allow different layout for the balance.
  • Lightweight front aluminum spool with hardened steel outdrives, bladeless.
  • Carbon fiber chassis in 2.0mm hard as standard.
  • Dual ball bearing DJC shafts in the front made from spring-steel prevent wheel chatter.
  • Even length Kevlar reinforced drive belt and super true running pulleys, midshaft pulleys made from hard anodized aluminum for maximum durability.

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