Sunday, April 21, 2024

STRC machined hop-up parts for the Element Enduro

Owners of the Element Enduro trail truck continue to score with more STRC machined hop-up parts. Just released are the CNC machined aluminum and brass diff covers and battery tray holder brace.

STRC machined hop-up parts for the Element Enduro

The STRC CNC Machined Brass Diff Covers adds almost 34 grams of weight to the lowest part of your Element Enduro’s drive axles for more stability and durability. It is black in color with a laser etched logo for a great look on your Enduro.


For those that are looking for a more brilliant look on the drive axles while improving the precision and durability, anodized aluminum versions are also available. Colors include: black, gunmetal, red and silver.

STRC machined hop-up parts for the Element Enduro
STC42060BK/GM/R/S CNC Machined Aluminum Diff Cover for Element Enduro


Next is the STRC front CNC machined battery tray holder brace that also acts as a chassis rail brace for the front end of your Enduro. It provides more strength to the front end of the Enduro. It is available in four different colors including: black, gunmetal, red and silver. (Please note that the STRC battery tray holder brace works with stock battery tray only)

STC42002BBK/GM/R/S CNC Machined Aluminum Battery Tray Holder Brace for Element Enduro

These parts are available now through your local hobby shop or online at www.teamstrc.com. More Enduro option parts coming very soon!

For more information, visit: STRC

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