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Tamiya Opel Calibra V6 Cliff Announced For Future Release

Classic touring cars are still popular and those fans have a lot to look forward to, especially with the Tamiya Opel Calibra V6 Cliff that was announced for future release.

Tamiya Opel Calibra V6 Cliff Announced For Future Release


Tamiya welcomes the Opel Calibra V6 Cliff touring car based on the TT01 Type-E chassis. The Opel Calibra V6 Cliff participated in the 1995 German Touring Car Championship (DTM) series race. Introduced by Joest Racing with driver JJ. Lehto, the car was powered by a 2.5-litre engine V6 engine capable of 420 hp. The distinctive all-black bodywork with the Cliff logo caught people’s attention and this car showed strength in the DTM.


  • Tamiya Opel Calibra V6 Cliff Announced For Future Release
    Tamiya TT-01E chassis.

    This is a 1/10-scale assembly kit.

  • The bulky 1990s shape of the Calibra V6 is stylishly captured by a lightweight, rigid clear polycarbonate body with separate side mirrors and a rear spoiler.
  • The model uses the shaft-driven TT-01 E-Type 4WD, which is based on a durable tub cockpit frame and offers an intuitive, highly controllable drive.
  • It features a 4-wheel double wishbone suspension system and rear differential gears to produce excellent handling.
  • Silver ABS concave wheels are matched with slick racing tires.
  • Comes with decals and masking stickers to help recreate the Cliff paint scheme.


  • Encapsulated 4WD all-wheel drive
  • Unpainted polycarbonate body
  • ABS Plastic side mirrors and rear spoiler
  • Powerful “Torque-Tuned” 540 electric brushed motor
  • Independent front and rear suspension
  • Electronic speed controller
  • Many optional tuning parts available


Length: 17.64 in. (448mm)
Width: 7.28 in. (185mm)
Height: 5.04 in. (128mm)
Wheelbase: 10.12 in. (257mm)

For more information, visit: TAMIYA

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